Market Challenge Puzzle




How to play:  It's early morning at the market and both yourself and Farmer Giles have brought stock to sell. He has a herd of cows and you have a flock of sheep but there is only fencing for 81 pens.   Serious rivalry ensues!   Click between the posts to erect a fence panel to build the pens.   When you complete a pen, one of your animals can go in and you get another turn.   The same applies to Farmer Giles.   Your aim is to get as many sheep as possible into the pens.   Click on 'Another Market Day' to begin afresh.
(Astute puzzlepeople may notice a similarity to a child's pencil and paper game called  Boxes.  Famous puzzlists, Sam Loyd and Henry Dudeney came up with simple puzzles based on the same idea.)

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