How to Play:
The secret code is made up of four keys,each
a different colour. Your quest is to break the
the code by a series of guesses, checking the
score after each guess.

Hint:  For simplicity, no colour is used more
than once in the code. Remember that scores
in two separate guesses may refer to different
key colours in the hidden code!

Choose a code colour:



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The accuracy of your guess is shown
by the colours in the small boxes.

  shows a key choice which is a correct
   colour but in the wrong position

  shows a choice which is right key
   choice and in the right position

Invented by Mordecai Meirowitz in 1970-71,the
puzzle appeared at the International Toy Fair in
Nuremberg in February 1971. A toy manufacturer,
Invicta, obtained marketing rights for the game,
'Mastermind'. It's now a success all over the world.
Sadly, details of his original puzzle are lost !