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 Tiger wins if the tigers hunt and kill enough goats. Goat wins if enough goats survive to be able to block all the tigers’ movements.

How To Play

  If you are Tiger click or tap on a tiger and then on the intersection on the board to move or jump to. If you are Goat click or tap on an intersection to place each of the twenty goats. After that click or tap on an intersection to move a goat there.

There are 4 tigers on the board and 20 goats to come in. Both tigers and goats move along the straight lines on the Bagh-chal board. The difference is that a tiger can jump a goat if there is empty space beyond the goat along the straight line. Goats can only moved once all twenty have been placed on the board.

The game is played on a five by five point grid. Pieces sit at the intersection of the lines and move only along the lines. To begin the tigers are in place and simply move around the board hunting lone goats. At each turn a goat is placed on the board until all 20 are on the board (unless some have been killed in the meantime). Next both Goat and Tiger take turns to move. Once all the goats are on the board, it’s not allowed to make a move that gives the same layout of pieces that has happened before. This stops getting into a position where moves just go back and forward and never end.

When Tigers has captured five goats the game is over because the herd is then too small to be able to block all the tigers’ moves and Tiger is declared the winner!


 It may seem as though Goat can’t win. However Tiger must capture at least two goats during the placement phase to stand a chance of winning. Goat does best to have the goats cautiously hang around the border waiting the chance to move out. Tiger must be patient and when possible spring a surprise attack.

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