Tulips - Cultivated Varieties

 Spring flowering time is given as very early, early, mid-season and late
 spanning about eight weeks.   In central England, this corresponds
 to late March, early/mid-April, late April/early May and mid-May.

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To:  Wild Species 

 Tulip 'Abba' Double Early

A glowing red tulip with a dull cardinal red flame. Height 40cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Abu Hassan' Triumph

A richly coloured variety with cardinal-red flowers with a broad golden yellow edge. The flowers make a striking impression even on a dull day. Height 50cm, flowering mid-season. Registered 1976.

 Tulip 'Amazone' Triumph

A sport of 'Palestrina' it defies simple description. It is dusk-tinted shades of azalea-pink, coral, salmon, rose and nasturtium-red with blue anthers. Height 40cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Ancilla' AGM Kaufmanniana

Large lemon-ivory flower with a dark rose band on the outside of the petal, this kaufmanniana tulip makes a beautiful and reliable front of border display. Height 15cm, flowering in very early.

 Tulip 'Angelique' AGM Double Late

A very pretty variety, blush pink and deepening as it ages with darker apple blossom pink at the edges. A good cut flower. Height 45cm, flowering late. Registered 1959.

 Tulip 'Apeldoorn' Darwin Hybrid

One of the most popular in the Darwin hybrid tulips with large bright scarlet flowers on a yellow base. The edge of the petals is slightly darker red. Inside the base is black and yellow. Height 60cm, flowering early. 1951.

 Tulip 'Apeldoorn's Elite' AGM Darwin Hybrid

A sport of 'Apeldoorn' with bright orange-red flowers, edged in bright yellow. Both colours are feathered into one another. Height 60cm, flowering early. 1968.

 Tulip 'Apricot Beauty' AGM Single Early

A very pretty and delicately coloured soft salmon-rose flower with an overlay of light apricot-rose and a slightly darker shade inside the flower. Very beautifully coloured and also has a slight fragrance. Height 45cm, flowering mid-season. 1953.

 Tulip 'Apricot Parrot' AGM Parrot Group

A pale apricot flower tinged creamy-white and neyron-rose. Height 45cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Arabian Mystery' Triumph

Another variety that almost glows in the garden. Beforedominately dark purple with a thin yet very clear glowing white margin to the petals. Very distinct and striking. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-season. 1953.

 Tulip 'Artist' AGM Viridiflora

A hugely popular variety with salmon-pink flowers and broad green stripes running up the petals. Height 30cm. Flowers late. 1947.

 Tulip 'Attila' Triumph

A Triumph tulip with light purple-violet flowers. Height 50cm, flowering mid-season. 1945

 Tulip 'Ballade' AGM Lily-flowered

A long-petalled, graceful lily-flowered tulip of subtle violet-mauve with a white edge. Height 56cm, flowering in mid-season.

 Tulip 'Ballerina' AGM Lily-flowered

A beautiful lily-flowered variety with buff orange flowers. Apart from the wonderful colour the other main advantage is the delicious scent. A few stems of this variety cut and put in the house would be lovely. Height 55cm. Flowers late. 1980.

 Tulip 'Banja Luka' Darwin Hybrid

Darwin hybrid tulip with red flowers flamed with clear yellow. Height 55cm.

 Tulip 'Bing Crosby' Triumph

A fine magenta triumph tulip. Height 40cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Black Parrot' AGM Parrot Group

The darkest coloured flower in this group with very dark purple, nearly black flowers. Particularly striking when the sun catches it. Height 50cm. Flowers late. 1937.

 Tulip 'Bleu Aimable' Single Late

Medium sized flowers in lavender-mauve which deepens as the flower ages. Height 65cm, flowering mid-season. Raised by Krelage, 1916.

 Tulip 'Blue Heron' AGM Fringed

Very unusual lilac-purple flowers with the fringe purple and white. Height 60cm. Flowers late. 1970.

 Tulip 'Blue Parrot' Parrot Group

The flowers are more violet than blue but an unusual colouration and excelllent as a cut flower. Height 45cm. Flowers late. Before 1935.

 Tulip 'Brilliant Star' Single Early

A single early tulip with dazzling scarlet petals with a yellow base. Height 25cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Burgundy Lace' Fringed

A rich wine-red flower with similar coloured fringe. Height 60cm, flowering late. 1961.

 Tulip 'Calypso' AGM Greigii Group

A greigii tulip flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Candela' AGM Fosteriana

A fosteriana tulip with uniform soft yellow flowers. Height 35cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Cape Cod' Greigii Group

A greigii tulip having apricot-red flowers wth a bronze-yellow edge, inside bronze-yellow with a narrow red centre stripe and a black base. Height 45cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Carnaval de Nice' AGM Double Late

Sparkling white petals with raspberry-red stripes and marks on the outside of the petals. Height 50cm. Flowering late. 1953.

 Tulip 'China Pink' AGM Lily-flowered

A very pretty bright pink flower on a white base. Height 45cm. Flowers late. Registered 1944.

 Tulip 'Christmas Marvel' Single Early

Very bright fuchsia pink flowers. Will give a bold splash of colour, wherever it is planted. Very early into flower so excellent for forcing inside. Height 35cm. 1954.

 Tulip 'Concerto' Fosteriana

A lovely pure white colour with just a black and yellow base on the inside. Height 30cm. Flowers early. The stems are very strong and sturdy.

 Tulip 'Couleur Cardinal' Triumph

A hugely popular variety with very rich plum-purple flowers, more scarlet-purple inside the flower. It is one of the last to flower in this mid-season group. Height 35cm. 1845.

 Tulip 'Czar Peter' Greigii Group

A striking greigii tulip with claret rose petals on a yellow base and mottled leaves. Height 25cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Dancing Show' Viridiflora

Canary yellow, greenish flamed on the outside with soft green anthers. Height 45cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Diana' Single Early

Large pure white flowers. Height 28cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Douglas Bader' Single Late

Always popular, this lustrous jewel is pale rose with an ivory-white base, pale ballerina-pink edges and plum-purple anthers. Height 45cm. Flowering late.

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 Tulip 'Dreamland' AGM Single Late

A very attractive fuchsia red flower, flamed cream. On the inside it has a white base to the petals. Height 60cm. Flowers late. 1969

 Tulip 'Early Harvest' AGM Kaufmanniana

This orange-scarlet award-winner has a paler, glowing orange interior feathered dark orange-scarlet with a yellow base and yellow anthers. Height 25cm. Flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Elegant Lady' Lily-flowered

A delicate and dainty looking flower, mainly cream with pink flushing towards the edges. Quite unique and very pretty. Height 60cm. Flowers mid-season. 1953.

 Tulip 'Esperanto' AGM Viridiflora

Deep china-rose viridiflora tulip with a midrib flamed green fading to red-brown. Variegated leaves with a white edge. A very striking combination. Height 30cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Estella Rijnveld' Parrot Group

Large white and pinky-red streaked flowers. Height 50cm. Flowers late. Registered 1954.

 Tulip 'Fancy Frills' AGM Fringed

A superbly coloured flower, bright rose-pink flamed with creamy-white. The fringe is rose-pink and white. Very bright and cheerful looking. Height 45cm. Flowers late. 1972.

 Tulip 'Fashion' Kaufmanniana

A superbly coloured kaufmanniana tulip, carmine-rose flower edged salmon-pink, inside vermilion with a yellow base. Leaves plain, slightly bluish-green. A classy and elegant short tulip. Height 20cm. Flowers early.

 Tulip 'Flowerdale' Greigii Group

Blackcurrant coloured in the centre with apricot yellow petals. Very beautiful indeed. Flowers very early. Height 40cm.

 Tulip 'Fringed Elegance' AGM Fringed

Primrose yellow with pink dots, pale yellow fringed edge. Height 50cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Ganders Rhapsody' Triumph

A Triumph tulip with pale pink petals spotted and edged in cherry red. Height 65cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Garden Party' AGM Triumph

White petals edged with glowing carmine with a white base, Height 45cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'General de Wet' Single Early

A lovely golden-orange flower, with darker orange shading. Has a lovely fragrance making it particularly good for cut flower. Height 35cm. Flowers mid season. 1904.

 Tulip 'Georgette' Single Late

Multi-headed yellow flowers edged red. Up to 4 flowers per stem. Height 50cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Giuseppe Verdi' Kaufmanniana

A kaufmanniana tulip, yellow with red stripes. Height 20cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Golden Apeldoorn' Darwin Hybrid

Has very bright yellow flowers on a black base. Height 55cm. Flowers mid-season. Before 1960.

 Tulip 'Golden Artist' Viridiflora

Golden-orange flowers, often with a hint of red in there too, with broad green stripes running up the petals. Absolutely superb and certainly very different looking. Height 30cm. Flowers late. 1959.

 Tulip 'Golden Melody' Triumph

Bright buttercup-yellow flowers, very clean and simple. Great for bedding with T. 'Bing Crosby'. Height 45cm, flowering mid-season. Registered 1961.

 Tulip 'Gordon Cooper' Darwin Hybrid

Darwin hybrid tulip with a carmine-rose flower edged in red. Height 55cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Groenland' Viridiflora

An attractive variety with pretty dark pink flowers and a wide green stripe running up the petals. Often the green has a cream margin to it. Height 40cm. Flowers late. 1955.

 Tulip 'Hamilton' AGM Fringed

Yellow fringed petals. Height 60cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Heart's Delight' Kaufmanniana

Carmine-red broadly edged pink with a yellow base and mottled foliage. Height 20cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Hollandia' Triumph

A Triumph tulip, blood red petals, flamed cardinal red with a yellow-green base. Height 40cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Hollands Glorie' AGM Darwin Hybrid

A large Darwin hybrid tulip with a dazzling scarlet flower with a black base on a sturdy stem. Height 60cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Hollywood' Viridiflora

Dark red flowers with dark green stripes and marks on the petals. Excellent for bedding. Height 30cm. Flowers late. 1956.

 Tulip 'Humming Bird' Viridiflora

A lovely mimosa-yellow flower with a very broad green stripe running up the petals. Height 50cm. Flowers late. 1987.

 Tulip 'Inzell' Triumph

Pure ivory-white flowers. Would look great if planted with one of the more colourful varieties such as T. Abu Hassan. Height 45cm. Flowering mid-season. 1969.

 Tulip 'Ivory Floridale' Darwin Hybrid

Ivory yellow with slight red spotting, inside creamy yellow. Height 60cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Jeantine' AGM Kaufmanniana

A popular early-flowering kaufmanniana tulip with outside carmine-red edged apricot and inside apricot-rose with a yellow base. Height 20cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Juan' AGM Fosteriana

Bright, royal orange with a glowing yellow base and exceptionally beautiful purple, mottled foliage. Height 35cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Kees Nelis' Triumph

Blood-red flowers edged orange-yellow. Height 38cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Keizerskroon' AGM Single Early

Also called 'Grand Duc', it has bright crimson-scarlet petals deeply edged bright yellow and is one of the most colourful and best known bedding varieties. Height 35cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Little Beauty' AGM Species
Magenta petals opening to a violet/blue center with a lighter edge. Perfect for adding color and interest to rock gardens or the front of a border. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Madame Lefeber' Fosteriana

A brilliant fiery red colour on a small yellow base. Height 40cm. Flowers early. Before 1931.

 Tulip 'Mariette' Lily-flowered

Lily-flowered with beautiful rose-pink petals. Height 55cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Marilyn' Lily-flowered

A striking lily-flowered tulip derived from 'Mariette' with white petals feathered at the base with strawberry red and a narrow flame of the same colour up the centre. Height 55cm, flowering in mid-season. 1976.

 Tulip 'Maureen' AGM Single Late

A pure marble-white flower Not many are as simple or pure as this. Works well when planted with 'Queen of Night'. Height 55cm. Flowering late. Registered 1950.

 Tulip 'Maytime' Lily-flowered

Has reddish-violet flowers, with a small white edge to the petals and a bright yellow base. Height 50cm. Flowers late. 1942.

 Tulip 'May Wonder' Double Late

A double paeony-flowered tulip in old rose, Height 40cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Meissner Porzellan' Triumph

A white Triumph tulip with rose-pink edges. Height 55cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Menton' Single Late

A cottage tulip of great delicacy. China rose petals with light orange touches. Inside red with a white vein. Height 60cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Mona Lisa' Lily-flowered

A striking lily-flowered tulip variety with primrose-yellow flowers and a thin cardinal-red line around the edge of the petals. Height 50cm, flowering mid-season. 1988.

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 Tulip 'Monte Carlo' AGM Double Early

Lemon yellow outside, deep golden yellow inside, a strong growing attractive tulip. Height 40cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' Double Late

Large, brilliant white flowers. Height 45cm. Flowers late. Before 1924.

 Tulip 'Mr Van der Hoef' Double Early

Very bright sunshine-yellow flowers. A good strong grower. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-season.

 Tulip 'Mrs J T Scheepers' Single Late

Light canary-yellow large refined cottage tulip with pointed petals. Height 60cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Negrita' Triumph

Paler purple and taller than 'Purple Prince' this mid-season tulip grows to 45cm.

 Tulip 'New Design' Triumph

A stunning variety that opens yellow and fades to a pinkish-white, with a red margin to the petals. Inside it keeps it’s yellow colour and has apricot streaks running up the petals. It also has variegated leaves, grey-green edged in creamy-white. Height 50cm. Flowers mid-season. 1974.

 Tulip 'Ollioules' Darwin Hybrid

Old rose pink flowers with a very broad margin of pale pink fading to ivory. A very delicate combination. Height 60cm. Flowers mid-season. 1988.

 Tulip 'Orange Bouquet' AGM Triumph

Multi-headed with scarlet-orange flowers with a pale yellow base and red interior. Height 50cm. Flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Orange Emperor' AGM Fosteriana

Bright orange flowers, opening to reveal a buttercup-yellow base. Height 40cm. Flowers early. 1962

 Tulip 'Orange Nassau' AGM Double Early

A lovely coloured flower with orange-red flowers, flushed a brighter, more fiery red. Height 25cm, flowering early. Registered 1912.

 Tulip 'Orange Princess' Double Late

Superb late, double, paeony-flowered orange tulip. Height 40cm.

 Tulip 'Oriental Beauty' AGM Greigii Group

A greigii tulip with large carmine-red flowers. Height 30cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Oriental Splendour' AGM Greigii Group

Red-edged yellow petals, inside lemon-yellow with a black base. Height 45cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Oxford' AGM Darwin Hybrid

Dark scarlet flowers flushed purple. Inside it has a yellow base. Height 60cm. Flowers mid-season. 1945.

 Tulip 'Peach Blossom' Double Early

A favourite pink tulip. Silver pink on a white ground, flushed dark rose-pink. Height 30cm, flowering early. 1890.

 Tulip 'Peerless Pink' Triumph

A mid-season Triumph tulip, a fine satin-pink. Height 40cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Pink Impression' AGM Darwin Hybrid

A Darwin hybrid with pale pink petals veined empire rose and with a broad shrimp-pink feathered edge. Long-lasting cut flower. Height 55cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Pinnochio' Greigii Group

Greigii type tulip with very neat flowers, bright red with a clear ivory-white margin to the petals. Height 25cm, flowering very early. 1980.

 Tulip 'Prinses Irene' AGM Triumph

An unusual apricot-orange flower with a feathered buff-purple streak running up each petal. The colour combination is very attractive. Height 35cm, flowering mid-season. 1949.

 Tulip 'Purissima' AGM Fosteriana

An old favourite also known as 'White Emperor' with pure white, scented flowers. Height 45cm, flowering mid-season. 1943.

 Tulip 'Purple Prince' Single Early

A single early dwarf tulip with rich purple-mauve flower. Height 25cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Quebec' Greigii Group

Colors of scarlet, chartreuse and buttercup yellow, combines with decorative foliage, this multi-flowered greigii tulip is a show stopper.

 Tulip 'Queen of Marvel' Double Early

A double early tulip with cherry pink flowers. Height 35cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulip 'Queen of Night' Single Late

The darkest tulip available at present, it has dark, velvety maroon flowers. Contrasts well with yellow narcissi. Height 60cm, flowering late. Before 1944.

 Tulip 'Queen of Sheba' AGM Lily-flowered

Glowing brownish-red lily-flowered tulip, petals edged in yellow-orange and slightly reflexed. Very attractive when mass planted. Height 45cm, flowering mid-season. late. 1944.

 Tulip 'Red Georgette' AGM Single Late

Multi-headed cardinal-red flowers, up to 4 flowers per stem. Height 50cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Red Parrot' Parrot Group

Raspberry red petals. Height 70cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Red Riding Hood' AGM Greigii Group

One of the most well known of all Tulips. Has bright carmine-red flowers with black bases and very heavily mottled foliage. Absolutely superb. Height 20cm. Flowers early. 1953.

 Tulip 'Rococo' Parrot Group

Rich velvety red Parrot tulip. Height 45cm. Flowers late.

 Tulip 'Schoonord' Double Early

A superb white flowered variety, with a slight yellowing towards the base of the flower. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-season. Registered before 1909.

 Tulip 'Shakespeare' Kaufmanniana

A blending of salmon, apricot and orange with interior shaded red. Height 15cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Shirley' Triumph

Ivory- white flowers with a narrow soft purplish-blue edge to the petals and some purple spotting at the base. Height 60cm, flowering late. Registered 1968.

 Tulip 'Sorbet' AGM Single Late

Opens blush white with rosy shading and a touch of green. Darkens to white with rosy red markings and flames. Height 60cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'Spring Green' AGM Viridiflora

Beautiful ivory-white flowers with a small green strip, lightly feathered, running up each petals. Height 50cm, flowering late. 1969.

 Tulip 'Stresa' Kaufmanniana

A multiple award-winner, Stresa is vivid currant-red with bright yellow edges, a yellow interior and attractive, mottled foliage. Height 25cm, flowering very early.

 Tulip 'Swan Wings' Fringed

A lovely pure white flower with contrasting black anthers. Height 55cm. Flowers late. 1959.

 Tulip 'Sweetheart' Fosteriana

A pretty variety with lemon-yellow petals, edged in ivory white. Looks lovely when grown in pots where the subtlety of the colours is not lost. Height 30cm, flowering early. Registered 1976.

 Tulip 'Texas Flame' Parrot Group

Bright buttercup-yellow flowers, with flames of carmine-red coming up the petals. Very bold and vivid. Height 45cm. Flowers late. 1958.

 Tulip 'Texas Gold' Parrot Group

Bright deep golden-yellow flowers, often with a very small, narrow red margin to the petals. Height 45cm (18"). Flowers late. 1944.

 Tulip 'Toronto' AGM Greigii Group

Multi-headed with slender pointed petals of brilliant salmon-orange. Up to 3 flowers per stem. Height 30cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Union Jack' AGM Single Late

Raspberry-red flamed on ivory white ground with a white base edged blue. A striking single late (cottage) tulip growing to 60cm.

 Tulip 'Verona' Double Early

Light yellow with yellow to light yellow feathering on this terrific mid-season flowering double. A wonderful cut flower. Height 40cm.

 Tulip 'Weber's Parrot' Parrot Group

Ivory white, purple at the edges, yellow anthers. Height 50cm, flowering late.

 Tulip 'West Point' AGM Lily-flowered

Perhaps the best yellow flowered variety in the Lily-flowered group. Bright primrose-yellow flowers. Height 50cm. Flowers late. 1943.

 Tulip 'White Parrot' Parrot Group

Large flowers with pure white feathered petals. Height 40cm, flowering late. Registered 1943.

 Tulip 'White Triumphator' AGM Lily-flowered

Glowing bright white flowers, very pure and elegant looking. Height 60cm. Flowers mid-season. 1942.

 Tulip 'Willemsoord' Double Early

A short early double tulip with striking carmine-rose petals edged white. Height 30cm, flowering early.

 Tulip 'Yokohama' Triumph

Pure, bright, indian-yellow flowers with slightly pointed tips to the petals. Very clean lines and makes an superb show when planted in groups. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-season. Registered 1961.

 Tulips - Wild Species

To:  Cultivated Varieties 

 Tulipa acuminata Species

A striking species with curious elongated petals. The petals are yellow and red, yellow towards the base and red towards the tips. The leaves are grey-green in colour and may have slight wavy margins. Height 50cm. Early to mid-season flowering. First recorded in 1813.

 Tulipa agenensis Species

Red flowers with long narrow segments with yellow-edged black basal mark. From Turkey.

 Tulipa albertii Species

Orange-scarlet flowers with dark purple anthers. Height 30cm. Native to Tien Shan in Central Asia.

 Tulipa altaica AGM Species

Native to Siberia and Central Asia this is a slightly variable species, usually with yellow flowers, often with a reddish tinge to the outside of the petals. Height 30cm.

 Tulipa aucheriana AGM Species

A very pretty species with small, star-shaped pale pink flowers with a yellow centre and yellow stamens. Between 1 and 3 flowers are produced per stem. Has mid-green leaves, quite long and curled, so as to appear almost tubular. Height 15cm, flowering mid-season. Native to Iran.

 Tulipa australis Species

Basically a small version of T. sylvestris - yellow flowers suffused with red on the outside. From rocky areas in the central Mediterranean region

 Tulipa aximensis Species

Deep red flowers with a green central blotch, surrounded by a yellow margin. Often has a greyish dusting on the outer petals when in bud. Native to the Savoy Alps between France and Italy but now possibly extinct in the wild. First recorded in 1894.

 Tulipa biflora Species

syn. T. polychroma. A dainty flower with slightly scented, white petals on a pale yellow base. Some green flushing on the outside of the petals. Between 1 and 3 flowers per stem with yellow stamens and anthers. Long, grey-green leaves. Needs to be kept dry dry over the summer. Height 35cm, flowering very early. From N. Iran and N. W. Afghanistan. First recorded in 1885.

 Tulipa celsiana (=persica) Species

Very similar to T. australis, but opening about two weeks later. Height 15cm.

 Tulipa clusiana Species

A native of Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iran, it is called 'The Lady Tulip' in England. Height 30cm.

 Tulipa clusiana var.chrysantha AGM Species

Similar to the species in shape and size but the petals are a golden yellow colour and the outer markings are a dusty red. The stems are slender and the stamens yellow. Height 20cm, flowering in early.

 Tulipa clusiana var.chrysantha 'Tubergen's Gem' Species

Outside red and yellow, inside a clear canary yellow. Height 25cm, flowering very early.

 Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia' AGM Species

The petals are a creamy-yellow with deep pink, almost red outer petals. Height 25cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulipa cretica Species

A native of Crete, this small species is closely related to T. humilis. The 5-10cm (2-4") stems carry up to 3 starry flowers which are white tinged pink with a yellow basal mark on the inside. The outsides are a slightly darker pinkish-purple.

 Tulipa dasystemon Species

Bears bright yellow flowers, star-shaped in appearance, with yellow stamens. The foliage is grey-green and quite curled at the edges. It prefers a peaty sandy soil and should be kept cool but dry over the summer. Height 15cm, flowering mid-season.

 Tulipa ferganica Species

A dwarf species with sulphur-yellow petals, with greyish markings on the outer ones. The base is dark grey. The foliage is grey-green, glaucous and very wavy edged. Native to Asia this requires very well drained soil. Height 10cm. Flowers early to mid season.

 Tulipa greigii Greigii Group

A very striking tulip, with very attractive grey-green leaves which are heavily mottled with purple or reddish-brown. The flowers are red or yellowy, wide and cup-shaped with a black basal mark. Height 45cm.

 Tulipa grengiolensis Species

Excellent bi-coloured flowers, a clear yellow with red margins to the segments.

 Tulipa hageri Species

Up to 4 red flowers per bulb. The outer petals have green markings while inside the base is black, sometimes with a yellow margin. The stamens are dark green or brown, the leaves light green, sometimes with a red margin. Height 35cm. Flowers early to mid season. Greece.

 Tulipa hageri 'Splendens' Species

Very similar to the above but the flowers are a crimson red with a brownish-red centre. Height 35cm.

 Tulipa humilis Species

A variable species with crocus-like flowers ranging from pale pink through crimson to almost purple. The centre may be yellow or black. Hints of grey-green may appear on the outer petals. The stamens may be yellow, brown or purple. The leaves are grey-green and quite curled at the edges. Height 15cm, flowering very early.

 Tulipa humilis 'Lilliput' Species

Similar to the species but with red flowers. The leaves are grey-green. Height 15cm, flowering very early.

 Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl' Species

Similar to the species but the flowers are a magenta rose with inside purple. Height 15cm, flowering very early.

 Tulipa humilis var.pulchella Albocaerulea Group Species

Fantastic white flushed pale lilac star-shaped flowers with darker lilac anthers. Deserves a place in any rock garden or the front of a well-drained sunny border. Height 30cm.

 Tulipa humilis Violacea Group, Black Base Species

This cultivar has reddish-purple flowers and a distinct black base. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Tulipa humilis Violacea Group, Yellow Base Species

This cultivar has reddish-purple flowers and a distinct Yellow base. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Tulipa kolpakowskiana AGM Species

An easy species to start any collection off with. The flowers are a creamy-yellow with red, orange or green markings on the outer petals. The flower stem has a habit of being curved. The stamens are yellow. Height 20cm, flowering in late.

 Tulipa kurdica Species

A delightful species with brick-red or orange-red flowers. The flowers are quite large for a species tulip. At the base is a black blotch. The stamens are a brown. The leaves are quite large, light green in colour. Height 15cm. Flowers mid to late season.

 Tulipa linifolia Species

A popular species with bright red, shiny petals with a black blotch at the base. This is an easy to grow species and always makes a reliable, good show. Height 12cm, flowering late.

 Tulipa linifolia Batalinii Group Species

 Tulipa linifolia Batalinii Group 'Apricot Jewel' Species

A lovely apricot coloured species with orange bases. The flowers are solitary. The leaves are light green and thin. Height 25cm, flowering late.

 Tulipa linifolia Batalinii Group 'Bright Gem' AGM Species

Similar to 'Apricot Jewel' in shape and size but the flowers are bronze-yellow shaded delicate salmon pink. Height 10cm, flowering late.

 Tulipa linifolia Batalinii Group 'Bronze Charm' Species

Another beautiful member of the group.

 Tulipa linifolia Maximowiczii Group Species

Signal red flower but does not have a coloured blotch in the centre. The stamens are yellow. Height 20cm, flowers late, 10 days earlier than linifolia.

 Tulipa marjolettii Species

A stunning species with creamy-white petals, edged in dark pink. Inside some purple flushing may occur. The stamens are yellow. Height 45cm. Flowers early to mid-season.

 Tulipa montana Species

Native to Central Asia, bears single red flowers, occasionally with a green central blotch. The stamens are yellow and orange. Height 25cm. First recorded in 1902. Flowers early to mid-season.

 Tulipa neustruevae Species

Fine dwarf species with golden-yellow flowers, tinged bronze and deep green on the exterior. Leaves a lustrous, polished green. Height 15cm, flowering early. Native to Turkey.

 Tulipa orphanidea Species

A beautiful species with buff orange petals, lighter on the outside. The colour may vary from pale to dark orange with green or red markings sometimes occurring. The basal spot is normally brown or dark green. The petals are quite pointed. Height 35cm. Flowers mid to late season.

 Tulipa orphanidea Whittallii Group AGM Species

Bears cup shaped flowers with pointed petals. They are bronze-orange, flushed green on the outside with inside a black central spot. The stamens are green or purple. Height 30cm, flowering late. Turkey.

 Tulipa passeriniana Species

Also known as T. didieri. Red petals with a black centre surrounded by white. Violet stamens and pollen. Height 35cm, flowering late. France into Switzerland but rare.

 Tulipa praestans 'Fusilier' AGM Species

A highly recommended multi flowered cultivar with scarlet flowers. Up to 5 flowers per stem are produced. Height 25cm.

 Tulipa praestans 'Van Tubergen's Variety' Species

Produces large, orange-red flowers. Quite spectacular! Height 25cm.

 Tulipa praestans 'Unicum' Species

A unique cultivar with large, wide, pale green leaves with a distinct creamy-white border to them. The multiheaded-flowers are bright scarlet with brown stamens. Height 25cm, flowering early.

 Tulipa saxatilis Species

Very pretty pale pink flowers with a yellow base, pointed petals and brown stamens. The foliage appears early and is a glossy, mid green. Up to 3 flowers per stem. An attractive species for a warm, sunny position. Height 35cm, flowering mid-season. Native to Crete. First recorded 1825.

 Tulipa saxatilis Bakeri Group 'Lilac Wonder' AGM Species

Lilac-mauve flowers, inside rosy lilac with a circular yellow base. Yellow or brown stamens. The leaves are mid green and quite long and large. Height 25cm, flowering early.

 Tulipa sprengeri AGM Species

Crimson red with dramatic golden anthers, the latest species tulip which should naturalise in some shade. A native of Turkey, it flowers late growing 30cm tall.

 Tulipa sylvestris Species

A lovely species with yellow flowers, often with green markings on the outer petals. The flowers become distinctly star shaped with age and are sweetly scented. The stamens are yellow or brown. Height 30cm, flowering very early.

 Tulipa tarda Species

The top half of each petal is pure white while the lower half is bright yellow. The outside of the petals are flushed green-grey. Yellow stamens and light green foliage curled at the edges. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Tulipa turkestanica Species

A dwarf species that forms a lovely bright white star with a small yellow central blotch. The outer petals may be flushed grey-green or even pinky in colour. Height 30cm, flowering early or mid-season.

 Tulipa undulatifolia (= eichleri) Species

Large flowers, up to 7cm long, with petals mostly light red with pale yellow stripes and margins. There is a small black mark at the base of each one. The leaves are large and light green. Easy to grow, but needs to be kept dry in summer. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-season

 Tulipa undulatifolia 'Splendens' Species

 Tulipa urumiensis Species

A dwarf species that is no longer seen in the wild. It bears small, delicate yellow flowers with lilac or reddish brown flushing on the outside of the petals. Easy to grow. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Tulipa vvedenskyi Species

Light red flowers with a small yellow or black basal spot and large yellow or brown stamens. The flowers are large, up to 20cm (8") across. Height 50cm, flowering early to mid-season.

 Tulipa vvedenskyi 'Tangerine Beauty' AGM Species

This selection has bright fiery red petals, with an orange flame shooting up the outside of them. Inside it has a lemon-yellow base and purple anthers. Height 25cm, flowering early to mid-season.

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