Narcissi - Cultivated Varieties   

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 Narcissus 'Accent' AGM Large-cupped

An ivory-white perianth and a funnel-shaped, frilled cup of reddish-pink to deep salmon-rose. Height 45cm, flowering mid-season. Registered 1961 by Grant Mitsch in Oregon.

 Narcissus 'Acropolis' Double

Snow-white petal segments form the main flower, interspersed with smaller, blood-red segments. Height 40cm. Flowers late. 1955.

 Narcissus 'Actaea' AGM Poeticus

A lovely cream perianth with a very small cup, bright yellow with a greenish centre and a band of red around the rim. Has a sweet clove fragrance. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring, earlier than other poeticus forms. Registered by G. Lubbe and Son in Holland in 1927.

 Narcissus 'Altun Ha' Large-cupped

A reverse bicolor daffodil from N.'Camelot' x N.'Daydream'. Lemon-yellow perianth with white cup with a yellow etye. Registered by John Pearson.

 Narcissus 'Ambergate' Large-cupped

The perianth is tangerine-orange while the broad, slightly flat cup is deep red. Flowers can reach 9cm across. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1950.

 Narcissus 'Amor' Large-cupped

A smaller flower but no less stunning. White perianth with a pretty lemon-yellow, flattish cup. Around the rim of the cup is a broad, dark yellow and orange band. Early flowering. Height 50cm. Pre 1938.

 Narcissus 'Apotheose' Double

A big double flower with a split and double perianth and a massively cut and divided trumpet. The outer perianth petals are bright yellow and inside it is a mixture of orange and yellow petals. Height 50cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered 1978.

 Narcissus 'Arkle' AGM Trumpet

One of the best of the yellow daffodils it has a long golden-yellow trumpet and nicely overlapping perianth. Height 45cm, flowering in mid-season.

 Narcissus 'Autumn Gold' Jonquil

Despite its name it does flower in the spring. Has deep yellow flowers both perianth and cup are the same shade. The flowers are quite large. Height 30cm. Late flowering. 1979.

 Narcissus 'Avalanche' AGM Tazetta

Multi-flowering award-winner featuring a small, bowl-shaped, yellow cup against a creamy-white, overlapping perianth. Height 45cm. Introduced around 1906, officially named in 1955.

 Narcissus 'Baby Moon' Jonquil

One of the best miniature narcissus available. It flowers very late, being one of the last to bloom, and has a fantastic scent. The flowers are small with the perianth petals being quite separated, like a miniature windmill. The cup is shallow and wide. Height 20cm. Registered 1958.

 Narcissus 'Ballade' Trumpet

Derived from 'N.'Dutch Master',a particularly graceful daffodil. A softer shade of yellow than many of the normal bright golden-yellow varieties. Height 35cm. Registered 1970. Late flowering.

 Narcissus 'Bantam' AGM Small-cupped

Short bright golden yellow perianth segments around a short, flared, intense orange cup with orange-red rim. Vigorous clumper. Height 20cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered by Barr and Sons, England, pre-1950.

 Narcissus 'Barrett Browning' Small-cupped

Pure white, rounded perianth with a deep orange, flattish cup. Not quite a big and bold as N. 'Professor Einstein' but still just as striking. Height 45cm. Flowers early. Registered by Lefeber pre-1945.

 Narcissus 'Bell Rock' Trumpet

Clear white perianth petals and a neatly frilled yellow trumpet make for a good show daffodil.

 Narcissus 'Bell Song' Jonquil

A delightful variety with very pretty flowers. The perianth is buff yellow, with a pink tinge towards the cup. The cup itself is deep pink. Height 30cm. Flowers mid-spring. From USA, 1971.

 Narcissus 'Beryl' Cyclamineus

A superb dwarf variety with a primrose-yellow, reflexed perianth and a small orange cup. Forms a very clean and neat flower. Height 20cm. Flowers early. Pre 1907.

 Narcissus 'Binkie' Large-cupped

A beautiful, delicate looking flower with a greenish-yellow perianth and cup with a darker yellow band around the edges of each petal. In the right light the centre of each petal almost becomes translucent. Height 40cm. Flowers late. Pre-1953 by W.W.Wolfhagen of Tasmania.

 Narcissus 'Bobbysoxer' Jonquil

A miniature narcissus yellow petals and a deep golden yellow cup. Height 20cm, flowering in April. Alec Gray.

 Narcissus 'Bravoure' AGM Trumpet

A strong sturdy exhibition daffodil that also makes for an excellent garden variety. Has a pure white, slightly overlapping perianth with a very long straight sulphur-yellow trumpet. A very clean, unfussy flower. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered 1982.

 Narcissus 'Bridal Crown' Double Poetaz

One of the best loved, small doubles. The multi-headed, white and cream flowers are sweetly scented. Ideal to grow in pots to bring into the house when in flower. Height 40cm. Flower mid-spring. 1953.

 Narcissus 'Broadway Star' Split-corona

A very striking variety with a bright white perianth, the petals are rounded and overlap. The corona is made up of smaller segments, highly frilled. Each segment has a bright reddish-orange stripe running down it, fading through yellow to white edges. Height 35cm. Flowers late. 1960.

 Narcissus 'Camelot' Large-cupped

Deep clear yellow flowers. Very weather resistant. Height 40cm. One of the lastest blooming.

 Narcissus 'Canaliculatus' Tazetta

Raised by Barr and Sons in 1915, this is a tiny variety with three to four sweetly scented flowers per stem. White perianths with golden-yellow cups. Ideal for rock gardens and also very nice in pots, but can be shy flowering. Not fully hardy. Height 15cm.

 Narcissus 'Cantabile' AGM Poeticus

Stiff stems with neat, well-rounded white flowers with tiny red-rimmed green and yellow cups and a spicy fragrance. Height 25cm. Late-flowering. Registered by Guy Wilson of Northern Ireland in 1932.

 Narcissus 'Carlton' AGM Large-cupped

One of the few all yellow flowers in this group. The cup is extra large and broad and it makes a good, strong cut flower. Height 45cm. Flowers early. Registered pre 1927 by P.D.Williams.

 Narcissus 'Cassata' Split-corona

A very popular variety with a creamy-white perianth and a corona that is distinctly split into six segement which lie almost flat against the perianth. It opens creamy-yellow, fading to white and matching the perianth colour. Height 40cm, flowering early. 1963.

 Narcissus 'Cedric Morris' Trumpet

A selection of N.minor found near a roadside in northern Spain by the late artist and gardener Sir Cedric Morris. Neat lemon-yellow flowers. Height 15cm. Early flowering and lasts.

 Narcissus 'Changing Colours' Split-corona

The perianth is very rounded and pale greenish-yellow, fading to greenish white with age. The corona is split down to the base and pressed flat against the perianth. Has 6 individual segments, shorter than the perianth. It opens pale yellow, changing through white to finally becoming pale pink. Very attractive and unique. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1993.

 Narcissus 'Chanterelle' Split-corona

Very similar to N.'Cassata' in that the perianth and corona segments are the same length and are laid one on top of the other. Both the perianth and corona are a vivid buttercup-yellow and hardly fade at all. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1962.

 Narcissus 'Charity May' AGM Cyclamineus

Flowers 8cm wide, with reflexed lemon-yellow perianth segments and deeper yellow cups. Height 30cm, flowering

 Narcissus 'Cheerfulness' AGM Double Poetaz

A showy strongly-scented dwarf double. The flowers are held in clusters of 2 or 3. The perianth is pure white while in the centre is a tiny cluster of creamy white and yellow petals. Height 40cm. Flowers late. Registered pre-1923 by Van der schoot & Sons.

 Narcissus 'Chinese Sacred Lily' Tazetta

Or 'Single Chinese'. Very highly scented variety with 8 to 12 flowers per stem. Pale milky-white perianth and tangerine-yellow cup. Broad, twisted mid-green leaves. Flowers outdoors in early spring but is not fully hardy unless sheltered and well-drained. Best forced for indoors. Grown commercially in Fujian Province. Double form is N. 'Constantinople'. Height 45cm.

 Narcissus 'Chit Chat' AGM Jonquil

A hybrid between N.requienii and N.jonquilla. A good garden variety with bright yellow flowers, quite similar shape to N.'Baby Moon'. This variety actually prefers to be in the ground rather than in pots. It is quite tall and a strong grower. Height 25-30cm. Flowers late. Registered 1975.

 Narcissus 'Cragford' Cyclamineus

A tazetta hybrid with 4 to 6 fragrant flowers per stem. It has icy-white petals with a warm yellow halo at the base, a bright orange, bowl-shaped cup and a green center. Height 45cm. Registered by P.D.Williams around 1930. Flowers early.

 Narcissus 'Curlew' Jonquil

A white hybrid from Grant Mitsch with a very long, trumpet-like cup that often opens creamy yellow and matures to ivory white. Lovely fragrance and a strong grower. Height 35cm, flowering late-midseason.

 Narcissus 'Daydream' AGM Large-cupped

Glowing lemon-yellow perianth with a white cup. Plant where you can see it close up so the delicateness of the colours is not lost. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered 1960, a descendent of N.'Binkie'.

 Narcissus 'Dickcissel' Jonquil

A jonquil variety with up to 3 flowers per stem. The perianth is bright lemon-yellow, fading to white at the centre. The cup is slightly paler, quite shallow with a wavy edge and the mouth fades to white with age. Sweetly scented. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1963.

Narcissus 'Dick Wilden' Double

Clear single yellow perianth with a deeper yellow split and segmented trumpet. Height 40cm. Flowers early. 1962.

 Narcissus 'Dolly Mollinger' Split-corona

A spectacular variety with large pure white perianth and a shorter, partially flattened corona, with white and orange streaks or 'flames' running through it. The corona is very crinkled but hardly split. The flowers are sturdy and last for a long time when cut. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1941.

 Narcissus 'Dove Wings' AGM Cyclamineus

Broad creamy-white swept-back perianth and long clear lemon-yellow cup. A neat cyclamineus narcissus. Height 30cm, early-flowering.

 Narcissus 'Dutch Master' AGM Trumpet

The good old fashioned large yellow daffodil. Both perianth and trumpet are the same deep, golden-yellow colour. Trumpet is frilled and may be partially cut from mouth. Height 45cm. Registered in 1938. Flowering early spring.

 Narcissus 'Easter Bonnet' Large-cupped

Big, bold blooms with white perianths and soft pink trumpets appear atop strong stems. Good for long-lasting bouquets and for naturalizing. Height 40cm, flowering early.

 Narcissus 'Eaton Song' AGM ******

This is an excellent dwarf narcissus, which is very long lasting and produces many secondary blooms which extends its flowering season. Height 35cm, flowering very early.

 Narcissus 'Empress of Ireland' AGM Trumpet

A bold, large, white daffodil with overlapping petals and a narrow, widely-flanged trumpet. Height 40cm, flowering in mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Erlicheer' Tazetta

A delightful, very early variety. A remarkably strongly scented tazetta with up to five small double creamy flowers contrasting well with deep green leaves. Needs summer sun. Sometimes reverts to its single form, N.'Grand Primo'. Height 25cm.

 Narcissus 'Eystettensis' Double

'Queen Anne's Double Daffodil' is a gem, with fully double flowers. Pale creamy-yellow petals are laid neatly back to form a rosette. Height 20cm.

 Narcissus 'Falconet' AGM Tazetta

N.'Matador' x N.jonquilla hybris. It carries 3 to 5 flowers per stem with rich gold perianth and a bright orange cup. Very highly scented. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1979 by Grant Mitsch in America.

 Narcissus 'February Gold' AGM Cyclamineus

An old classic. Big, reflexed lemon-yellow perianth segments with a large, slightly darker trumpet. Does brilliantly when left to naturalise so if you are looking for a dwarf variety for mass planting this is the one. Height 25cm. Flowers very early. Pre 1923.

 Narcissus 'February Silver' Cyclamineus

A rarer version of the above with pure white perianth and a pale, creamy-yellow trumpet. Again very early flowering and great for naturalising. The flowers are particularly long lasting as well. Height 25cm. Pre 1949.

 Narcissus 'Flower Drift' Double

A beautiful combination of pure white petals and bright orange, yellow and white segments. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1966.

 Narcissus 'Flower Record' Large-cupped

Pure white perianth with a flattish, yellow cup with a thin red line around the edge. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Pre 1943.

Narcissus 'Fortissimo' Large-cupped

The giant of this group. The bright yellow perianth provides the back drop for the huge red cup. It is truly stunning. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1943.

 Narcissus 'Fortune' Large-cupped

This has a pale yellow perianth with a light orange cup, darkening towards the mouth. Height 35cm. Flowers early. Registered 1923 by P.D.Williams.

 Narcissus 'Foundling' AGM Cyclamineus

A very different dwarf variety from Kate Reade with broad, reflexed, creamy-white perianth segments and a short clear pink cup, shading to darker at the base. Very pretty and well worth a place in a rockery. Height 30cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1969.

 Narcissus 'Fragrant Breeze' Large-cupped

A 10cm wide bloom with a sweet fragrance. It has an overlapping, milky-white perianth and a bowl-shaped apricot-orange cup with a yellow centre. Height 50cm, flowering in mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Fragrant Rose' Large-cupped

A renowned, Northern Ireland, Brian Duncan variety, it is said to have the fragrance of raspberries and roses. The flower, about 10cm across, has waxy, ivory petals and a long cup-shaped corona of deep reddish-pink. The wavy-rimmed cup grows paler towards its green base. Height 45cm, flowering in mid-spring. Registered 1978.

 Narcissus 'Garden Princess' Cyclamineus

A strong flowered variety with a rich golden-yellow perianth and a slightly darker cup. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1938.

 Narcissus 'Gay Kybo' AGM Double

Smooth circular blooms with thick,textured, cream overlapping perianth petals and an orange corona. Height 40cm.

 Narcissus 'Geranium' AGM Poetaz

A superb variety that does best when planted in the garden rather than in pots. Has a bright, pure white perianth and deep orange cup. Carries up to 6 flowers per stem. Very strongly and sweetly scented to fill the house with fragrance. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered pre-1930.

 Narcissus 'Gigantic Star' Large-cupped

Huge flared yellow trumpets. Very eye-catching. Height 45cm.

 Narcissus 'Golden Dawn' AGM Poetaz

A late-flowering variety, this has several flowers per stem, pale yellow perianth and a bowl-shaped, deep orange corona which deepens as its blooms mature. Fragrant. Height 40 cm. Registered 1958 by the Oregon Bulb Farm.

 Narcissus 'Golden Ducat' Double

An old favourite that is sometimes called 'Double King Alfred'. Bears large, bright golden-yellow, held on not very strong stems. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1947.

 Narcissus 'Golden Harvest' Trumpet

Large bright yellow flowers held on strong stems. Height 45cm. Early flowering. Pre 1920.

 Narcissus 'Golden Quince'

This vivid yellow variety has graceful, reflexed petals and a cylindrical, darker yellow cup. Sister to Tete a Tete. Height 25cm.

 Narcissus 'Grand Soleil d'Or' Tazetta

An old variety that has lost none of its charm with age. Carries clusters of between 10-20 extremely fragrant flowers. The perianth is dark yellow while the small cup is orange-yellow. Good for forcing indoors in pots. Height 30cm. Flowers very early, especially if forced. Pre 1760.

 Narcissus 'Greenlet' Cyclamineus

A delightful variety with creamy-white perianth segments and a trumpet that opens pale butter-yellow and fades to a delicate shade of greenish-white. The mouth has a darker, green line running around it. The flowers are long lasting and unlike some varieties that lose their attractiveness with age, this ones actually gains with it. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1969

 Narcissus 'Hawera' AGM Triandrus

A very beautiful multi-headed variety with pure, butter-yellow flowers. The small cup, left exposed by the reflexed petals, is bowl shaped with the rim being slightly wavy. This is a strong grower and as such will do very well in the border as well as in pots. Height 30-35cm. Flowers late. Registered 1938.

 Narcissus 'Hillstar' Jonquil

A very pretty jonquil narcissus with bright sulphur-yellow perianth, fading to white at the base. The cup is short and wide, primarily ivory white with a buff yellow base and a very clear white line around the rim. The mouth is very frilly and flared. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1979.

 Narcissus 'Holland Sensation' Trumpet

A dramatic white and yellow daffodil. Height 35cm, flowering early.

 Narcissus 'Hoopoe' Tazetta

Very fragrant, 2 to 5 flowers per stem with a rounded golden yellow perianth and a bright orange cup. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered 1979, a sister of 'Falconet'.

 Narcissus 'Ice Follies' Large-cupped

A popular favourite, it has a pure white perianth with a large, flat pale yellow cup. With age the colour fades to white. Height 35cm. Flowers early. 1968.

 Narcissus 'Ice Wings' AGM Triandrus

Pure white flowers with a long, creamy-white trumpet. It is multi-headed and flowers are particularly long lasting. Height 30cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1958.

 Narcissus 'Ipi Tombi' Large-cupped

A very good show variety but also well worth growing in the garden. Has a very rounded, greenish-yellow perianth with bright orange cup. The flowers do not fade in bright sunshine. Height 25cm. Flowers early. 1977.

 Narcissus 'Irene Copeland' Double

A very pretty, quite delicate looking double. It is made up of layers of long, creamy-white petals and shorter sulphur-yellow segments. It gives the appearance of being fluffy. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Itzim' AGM Cyclamineus

A bright, cheery flower. The slightly reflexed perianth segments are a deep golden-yellow while the long, narrow trumpet is more orange-yellow. The trumpet is slightly flared with a crinkly rim. Height 30cm. Flowers early. 1982.

 Narcissus 'Jack Snipe' AGM Cyclamineus

The reflexed perianth segments are pure white, almost translucent, and the trumpet is quite broad and is lemon-yellow in colour. This colour spreads onto the perianth. Very dainty and delicate looking. Height 25cm. Flowers early. Pre 1951.

 Narcissus 'Jenny' AGM Cyclamineus

A hugely popular very dainty creamy-white narcissus. When the flower first opens the trumpet is pale yellow but this soon fades to creamy-white. Height 25cm. Flowers early. Pre 1943.

 Narcissus 'Jetfire' AGM Cyclamineus

For a bold splash of colour on the rockery this is the one to choose. The bright yellow perianth is clearly reflexed while the trumpet is long and bright orange-red. Often there are small red streaks running down it. The mouth is broad and quite serrated. Height 25cm. Flowers early. 1966.

 Narcissus 'Johann Strauss' Large-cupped

This one deserves to be more popular as it is stunning. It has a pure white, rounded perianth with a large, semi-flat, very frilly, deep orange cup. Height 40cm. Flowers early. Registered 1968.

 Narcissus 'Juanita' Large-cupped

Bright yellow with a deep orange, slightly frilly cup. Height 35cm. Flowers early. Pre 1952.

 Narcissus 'Jumblie' AGM ******

A delightful, golden-yellow, multi-headed narcissus. The perianth is very reflexed and the trumpet are long and quite narrow. Each flower stem normally carries 3 flowers, all of which are held at right angles to each other, resulting in a semi circle of flower above each stem. Height 20cm. Flowers early. Pre 1952.

 Narcissus 'Kenellis' Bulbocodium

A straighter trumpet than others in this group and the perianth segments are larger. The trumpet is pale yellow fading with age while the perianth is white. Has a slightly drooping habit. Height 25cm. Flowers early. Pre 1948.

 Narcissus 'King Alfred' Trumpet

A very old daffodil favourite. The petals are quite pointed and the trumpet is wide and flared. Golden yellow in colour. Height 35cm. mid-spring flowering. Pre 1899.

 Narcissus 'Kokopelli' Jonquil

Creamy-white petals and a very pale primrose yellow trumpet make this variety a superb addition to the border. Superb, light sweet fragrance. Raised by past ADS President, Robert Spotts in 1993.

 Narcissus 'Larkwhistle' AGM Cyclamineus

Bright yellow perianth segments, overlapping at the base only, with a richer yellow trumpet. It becomes darker towards the base. The mouth is quite wide and crinkled. Height 25cm. Flowers early. 1960.

 Narcissus 'Lemon Beauty' Split-corona

A fragrant Height 45cm.

 Narcissus 'Lemon Drops' Triandrus

A superb variety with very pretty flowers. It has a creamy-white perianth and a downward facing soft, lemon-yellow cup. This does well in containers. Height 20cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1956.

 Narcissus 'Liberty Bells' Triandrus

Has quite distinct flowers with the perianth petals being separate from each other. They and the long trumpet are lemon yellow in colour. The flowers are pendulous, with several per flower stem. Height 30cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1950.

 Narcissus 'Lintie' Jonquil

A superbly coloured variety. The perianth segments are greenish-yellow, with a paler band running down the centre of each one. The cup is bright yellow with a vivid orange band running around the rim. The cup is shallow with a flared and highly frilled rim. Height 35cm. Flowers early. Pre 1937.

 Narcissus 'Little Beauty' AGM Trumpet

A good, sturdy dwarf daffodil with a creamy-white perianth and a lemon-yellow, flat-rimmed trumpet. Height 10cm. Early flowering. Pre 1953.

 Narcissus 'Little Gem' AGM Trumpet

A dwarf daffodil with bright golden-yellow flower. Height 10cm. Early flowering. Pre 1907.

 Narcissus 'Little Witch' Cyclamineus

A vigorous and sturdy grower, the golden-yellow flowers last for ages. Strongly reflexed and with nice long trumpets this comes highly recommended. Height 25cm. Flowers early. Pre 1921.

 Narcissus 'Martinette' Tazetta

It has 4-5 flowers per stem each with a bright lemon-yellow perianth and deep orange cup. Has a lovely sweet fragrance. Height 45cm. Flowers early. Registered 1985.

 Narcissus 'Merlin' AGM Small-cupped

Its petals are the whitest of white, with a small yellow cup outlined by a striking orange-red rim. The rim will often split into three even segments that curve toward the center of the cup with perfect symmetry. 'Merlin' is also wonderfully fragrant. Height 40cm. Registered by J.L. Richardson of Ireland, 1956.

 Narcissus 'Midget' Trumpet

Tiny golden trumpets above attractive, neat, grey-green leaves. 'Midget' may be naturalised in grass, or grown in borders, troughs, or pots. Possibly a close relative of N.minor. It grows up to about 12cm and flowers very early.

 Narcissus 'Minicycla' Cyclamineus

A beautiful dwarf hybrid, N. cyclamineus x N. asturiensis first registered in 1913.

 Narcissus 'Minnow' AGM Tazetta

Perhaps one of the prettiest and sweetest looking varieties in this division. Has up to 5 flowers per stem. Small, dainty flowers with a white perianth and bright creamy-yellow cup, that fades to cream with age. It has a lovely fragrance. Does best in a rockery or in pots. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1962.

 Narcissus 'Mission Bells' AGM Triandrus

Choice, lovely white triandrus hybrid. Up to three, long cupped, pendant ivory white blooms. Nice width to the perianth. Good show flower that grows with health and vigour. Registered 1984 by Grant E. Mitsch, Oregon, USA.

 Narcissus 'Mite' AGM Cyclamineus

A tiny golden flower with long straight trumpet and swept-back perianth. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Narcissus 'Mondragon' Split-corona

Has a large bright orange perianth and a flattened, darker and deeper orange corona. It is slightly shorter than the perianth, with crinkled edges. The flowers are huge, up to 10cm across. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1973.

 Narcissus 'Mount Hood' AGM Trumpet

Probably the favourite pure white daffodil, an award-winner. Trumpet opens cream and fades to white. Height 45cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered pre-1938.

 Narcissus 'Mrs R.O.Backhouse' Large-cupped

A lovely older variety of pink daffodil. Unique colouring with ivory white petals and graceful apricot/pink trumpet with deeply fringed edge. Petals tend to curl. Height 45cm, late flowering. Registered 1923 by her husband in memory of his wife.

 Narcissus - Nylon Group Bulbocodium

One of the most prolific flowering in this division. A hybrid N. c. foliosus x N. romieuxii by John Blanchard. The flowers are creamy-white and while not as large as some of the other, more than make up for it in the numbers. There is also a canary-yellow form. Height 12cm. Flowers early. 1949.

 Narcissus 'Obdam' Double

A large pure ivory-white double with just a hint of green at its base. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1984.

 Narcissus 'Orangery' Split-corona

A bright white perianth and a slightly smaller, brilliant orange corona. The corona has been split into 6 segments and pushed flat against the perianth. Each segment has quite a crinkled edge to it. The contrast between the two colours is striking. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1957.

 Narcissus 'Paper White'
 see N. papyraceus

 Narcissus 'Papillon Blanc' Split-corona

Ideal for including in a white garden. Beautiful white perianth and corona with just a hint of green at the base. The corona is ruffled and can appear to be a double. Height 40cm. Flowers late. Pre 1940.

 Narcissus 'Parisienne' Split-corona

A striking flower with a creamy-white perianth and a smaller, bright orange, flattened corona, heavily frilled around the edges. The flowers are strong and sturdy and last for a long time as cut flower. Height 40cm. Flowers late. 1961.

 Narcissus 'Passionale' AGM Large-cupped

A long pure white flat perianth and a slightly frilled oriental-pink cup make an excellent strong and striking flower. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Peeping Tom' AGM Cyclamineus

Quite a large narcissus for this division and perhaps one of the easiest to identify due to it's enormous trumpet. The perianth is only slightly reflexed while the trumpet can be as long as 5cm, with a widely flared mouth. All in a rich bright golden-yellow colour and it lasts well. Height 30cm. Flowers early. Pre 1948.

 Narcissus 'Pencrebar' Double

A wonderful small double, with bright yellow and some darker yellow petals. It is sweetly scented and forms a very neat round flower. It doesn't like growing in pots so this is one for the garden only. Height 20cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1929.

 Narcissus 'Petit Four' Double

Similar to the large trumpet narcissus, with a creamy white perianth and an apricot trumpet. However inside the trumpet is a dense mass of apricot and white segments, some short and some long. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1961.

 Narcissus 'Petrel' Triandrus

This is one of the largest in the division. It has a large perianth, pure white in colour, with a small, wavy edged cup, also pure white. Several flowers per stem also add to the overall size. Height 35cm. Flowers late. 1970.

 Narcissus 'Pink Angel' Jonquil

A snow-white perianth around a pure white corona with a clear green eye and a bright pink rim. Slightly scented, this gem carries one to three, 6cm wide blooms per stem. Height 35cm. A Grant Mitsch hybrid.

 Narcissus 'Pink Paradise' Double

Fabulous double variety with linen-white petals. The short frilly cup segments are a very bright apricot-orange colour. Height 40cm. Registered by Brian Duncan.

 Narcissus 'Pipit' AGM Jonquil

A superb flower with up to 3 sturdy flowers with a sulphur-yellow perianth, fading to bright white around the base. The cup is pale sulphur yellow with a wavy edged mouth. The white centre seems to glow. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered 1963.

 Narcissus 'Polar Ice' Small-cupped

Very dainty, pure white perianth and a small flat cup with a green centre. Sweetly scented. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1936.

 Narcissus 'Portrush' Small-cupped

White. A Guy Wilson hybrid from pre-1947. Late flowering.

 Narcissus 'Professor Einstein' Large-cupped

A pure white perianth and a large, bright orange, slightly crinkled cup. It makes a superb cut flower as it lasts for ages. Sweetly scented and looks well in partial shade. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1946.

 Narcissus 'Pueblo' Jonquil

A dainty coloured variety with a milky-white perianth and a lemon-yellow cup. As the flower ages, the cup fades to milky-white too. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1966.

 Narcissus 'Quail' AGM Jonquil

A good strong multi-headed variety with brightgolden yellow blooms and a very strong, sweet fragrance. The cup tends to be quite long and the whole flower appears very neat and tidy. Height 20cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1974.

 Narcissus 'Queen Anne's Jonquil'
 see N.x odorus 'Double Campernelle'

Narcissus 'Quince' ******

Pale yellow perianth and dark yellow cup. Height 25cm, flowering early.

 Narcissus 'Rainbow' AGM Large-cupped

A uniquely coloured variety with a white perianth and a peachy coloured cup, with a distinct pink rim. A very soft and gentle colouration. Height 40cm. Registered 1961.

 Narcissus 'Reggae' AGM Cyclamineus

The strongly reflexed perianth is cream while the cup is deep pink with a slightly green base. The cup is quite small. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1981.

 Narcissus 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation' AGM Trumpet

Introduced circa 1943, this dazzling golden-yellow daffodil is the earliest to flower of this group by about two weeks. It often produces several flowers per bulb. Height 45cm.

 Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle' Double

An old favourite sometimes called N.minor var.pumilus 'Plenus'. It is dwarf in habit with unmistakeable dandelion-like, bright yellow flowers. It looks great in pots or in the rockery and naturalises well in grass. Height 15cm. Flowers early. Pre 1885.

 Narcissus 'Rippling Waters' AGM Triandrus

A delicate-looking variety. The perianth is creamy white, with a hint of yellow at the base, while the cup is also creamy-white with a similar hint of yellow at the base. The cup is funnel shaped with a slightly wavy rim to it. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1932.

 Narcissus 'Romance' AGM Large-cupped

White perianth with a buff pink cup. The cup is unique as it looks like lots of individual petals overlapping on the edges, when in fact it is all one structure. It is quite different to any of the other varieties in this group. Height 35cm. Registered by Lionel Richardson in 1959.

 Narcissus 'Romanus' Double

Also known as 'Double Roman' or 'Double Chinese Sacred Lily' or the 'Cyprus Narcissus'. Chinese-Americans are very fond of it. A tazetta variety with a white perianth and orange corona.

 Narcissus 'Rosemoor Gold' AGM Double

Grown by the Cornwall Area Bulb Growers Association, Truro to celebrate the RHS 200th anniversary. Height 30cm.

 Narcissus 'Rugulosus' Jonquil

A jonquil x pseudonarcissus hybrid, with scalloped corona and wide petals. Height 30cm.

 Narcissus 'St Keverne' AGM Large-cupped

A wonderful neat, bright yellow perianth and trumpet. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1934.

 Narcissus 'St Patrick's Day' Large-cupped

This is always a popular variety due to it's unique colouration. True to it's name it has a pale yellow to lime-green perianth with a cream cup, edged in lime-green. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1964.

 Narcissus 'St Piran' Jonquil

A jonquil hybrid ('Aircastle'x n.jonquilla). A robust variety, it stands the weather well and has a delightful scent. Usually two or three flowers per stem. Height Late flowering.

 Narcissus 'Sabine Hay' Small-cupped

A beautiful combination of golden perianth and small brick-red cup. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Salome' AGM Large-cupped

Very delicate colouration with a pale cream perianth and a pale pink cup. The cup is not very frilly so makes for a neater flower than some of the other pink-cupped varieties. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. Lionel Richardson, 1958.

 Narcissus 'Scarlet Gem' Poetaz

A delightful dwarf narcissus with deep lemon-yellow perianth and bright red-orange cup. The flowers are small but perfectly formed with 4 to 6 per stem. Very strongly scented. Forms a good clump and works well in pots. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1910.

 Narcissus 'Segovia' AGM Small-cupped

A dwarf variety with a pure white perianth and a small, almost flat, butter-yellow cup. It has quite a lax habit so is better in the garden rather than in pots. However it is extremely pretty and well worth growing. Height 20-25cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1962.

 Narcissus 'Sempre Avanti' Large-cupped

A creamy-white perianth with a bright orange, semi-flat cup. The cup fades to pale orange over time. Always looks a neat and smart flower. Flowers early. Height 40cm. Registered pre-1938.

 Narcissus 'Silver Chimes' Tazetta

N.'Grand Monarque' x N.triandrus loiseleurii. A white flower with a slightly darker, more creamy cup. The cup is fairly shallow and with a slightly wavy rim. It flowers very late so really extends the season. Sweetly scented. Height 30cm. 1916.

 Narcissus 'Sinopel' Small-cupped

A distinctive variety with a creamy white, rounded perianth and a shallow bowl-shaped cup, green with a band of deep yellow around the rim. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1974.

 Narcissus 'Sir Winston Churchill' AGM Double

Up to 6 flowers are held in clusters on sturdy flower stems. The creamy-white petals are interspersed with pale orange streaks and segments. It is highly scented so plant in a container and place where it can be appreciated. Larger florets than N.'Cheerfulness'. Height 40cm. Flowers late. Registered 1966.

 Narcissus 'Slim Whitman' Large-cupped

Large flowers with a broad creamy-white perianth and gold cup with yellow edges. Height 40cm.

 Narcissus 'Spellbinder' AGM Trumpet

A wonderful, delicate-looking daffodil with a lemon-yellow perianth and trumpet. With age the trumpet fades to almost white. The trumpet is straight with just the slightest of frills around the mouth. Height 40cm. Early flowering. Registered by Guy Wilson of Broughshane, Northern Ireland, pre 1944.

 Narcissus 'Stafford' Jonquil

A hybrid between N. rupicola x N. poeticus by Alec Gray in 1956. The broadly round perianth segments have a prominent tip and are a clear, light yellow. The shallow corona opens a golden yellow that quickly matures to orange in cool, moist seasons. Height 15cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Stainless' Large-cupped

Known as the best white in its division, the flower is about 10cm across and has overlapping, pointed, ivory-white petals and a somewhat shallow, cylindrical, white cup with a luminous green eye. Late flowering. Height 45cm.

 Narcissus 'Sundial' Jonquil

Looking just like a miniature dial, the perianth and cup are the same uniform yellow. The cup is small and very flat. Has 2-3 flowers per stem. Height 15cm. Flowers early. Registered 1955 by Alec Gray.

 Narcissus 'Sun Disc' Jonquil

A delightful variety with golden yellow perianth and a darker yellow cup. The cup is disc shaped and pressed flat against the perianth, making it really stand out. In some respects it is very similar to N. 'Sundial' but it later flowering and has only one flower per stem. Height 20cm, flowering mid-spring. 1955.

 Narcissus 'Surfside' AGM Cyclamineus

A good, strong variety suitable for the garden or containers. It has reflexed, milk-white perianth and a pale yellow cup with a wide, flared mouth. With time the cup fades to almost white. The flowers are quite large and solid for such a dwarf variety. Height 25cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1972.

 Narcissus 'Suzy' AGM Jonquil

A jonquil narcissus. The perianth is a bright deep yellow and the cup orange-red. The cup is quite shallow and wide with just a slightly wavy mouth and the flower has a lovely scent. Height 40cm. Flowers mid to late season. Pre 1954.

 Narcissus 'Sweet Blanche' Jonquil

A sweetly scented jonquil hybrid, 'Grand Prospect' x N.jonquilla, a soft creamy yellow which fades to white. Long lasting.

 Narcissus 'Sweet Charity' Large-cupped

Rose-violet scent, ivory-white perianth with rounded petals, light yellow cup with orange throat. Height 40cm. Late flowering. Registered by W. F. Leenon in 1971.

 Narcissus 'Sweet Harmony' Large-cupped

These huge flowers have glistening white petals and an ivory trumpet-shaped cup with a slightly frilled, open rim edged in lemon-yellow. Height 35cm.

 Narcissus 'Sweetness' AGM Jonquil

Bright yellow flowers on stiff stems. Makes for a very neat and fragrant flower. Height 35cm, flowering mid-season. Pre 1940.

 Narcissus 'Tahiti' AGM Double

Probably one of the most popular doubles of modern times. Layers of bright yellow petals are interwoven with smaller, slightly crinkled bright orange segments. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Registered 1956.

 Narcissus 'Telemonius Plenus' Double

One of the oldest Narcissus available. This is a superb 'shaggy' flower, double yellow with very distinct perianth segments at the back. The shape can vary a little with this variety,sometimes it is fully double while other times the trumpet is full of smaller segments. Flowers early. Height 30cm. Around 1620.

 Narcissus 'Tête-à-Tête' AGM Cyclamineus

A classic widely available florists pot flower. It has 1-3 flowers per stem, the perianth golden-yellow and a slightly darker corona. Stands up to all weathers and lasts a long time. It responds well to forcing and is ideal for containers. Height 15cm. Flowers very early. Registered by Alec Gray, pre-1949.

 Narcissus 'Thalia' Triandrus

A very popular triandrus narcissus. The pure white perianth petals are all separate and often slightly twisted. The pure white cup faces downward, with a flared and slightly crinkled mouth. It is reliable, grows well in pots and in the garden either in beds or for naturalising. Height 35cm. Flowers late. Pre 1916.

 Narcissus 'Topolino' AGM Trumpet

Dwarf daffodil. Creamy-yellow fading to white perianth with a long, bright yellow trumpet, broadly flared at the mouth. Height 15cm. Flowers early. Pre 1923.

 Narcissus 'Tracey' AGM Cyclamineus

From New Zealand, it has strongly reflexed white perianth petals and a lemon-yellow cup, fading to white with age. The flowers face downwards, giving them quite a pendulous appearance. Height 30cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered 1968.

 Narcissus 'Trena' AGM Cyclamineus

A lovely dwarf variety with a creamy-white perianth and a bright yellow cup, becoming paler towards the base. The mouth is quite flared and slightly crinkled. Height 25cm. Flowers early. Registered 1971.

Narcissus 'Tresamble' Triandrus

A vigorous variety that bears up to 3 flowers per stem. The perianth is white while the cup is cream. Height 40cm. Flowers mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Trevithian' AGM Jonquil

A lovely multi-headed variety with soft lemon-yellow flowers. The cup is a shade darker than the perianth. Has a sweet fragrance. An all round good garden variety. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring. Pre 1927.

 Narcissus 'Tripartite' AGM Split-corona

Unusually for this division this variety is multi-headed, with up to 3 flowers being produced. The flowers are held in a tight cluster and are golden yellow with the flattened, shorter corona being slightly darker in colour. They are also slightly scented. Makes a good show variety thanks to its sturdy stems. Height 40cm. Flowers late. Richard Brook, England, 1980.

 Narcissus 'Tuesday's Child' AGM Triandrus

A delicate, small, white and yellow triandrus narcissus. Height 30cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Unique' Double

A stunning creamy-white and lemon-yellow double. The flower is made up of large, creamy-white petals and smaller, very crinkled lemon-yellow segments. The effect is a very neat double. Height 40cm. Flowers late. 1961.

 Narcissus 'Unsurpassable' Trumpet

This daffodil has a giant yellow trumpet, quite superb. Height 50cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1923.

 Narcissus 'Van Sion'
 see N.'Telemonius Plenus'

 Narcissus 'Verona' AGM Small-cupped

A beautiful, free-flowering white narcissus with a green eye, from a cross between 'Green Island' and 'Chinese White'. Height 40cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Waterperry' Jonquil

A very dainty looking flower with ivory-white perianth segments and a delicate shell-pink cup, with a creamy-yellow base. The mouth of the cup tends to be a darker shade of pink. Slightly scented. Bears up to 3 flowers per stem. Height 35cm, flowering mid season. Pre 1953.

 Narcissus 'White Lion' AGM Double

A full double narcissus with a white perianth and yellow and white petals. The flower is about 10cm across. Height 45cm. Flowers mid-spring. Registered by de Graaf pre-1949.

 Narcissus 'White Marvel' Double

A multi headed double with pure white flowers. The white perianth is very clear and distinct while in the centre is a mass of creamy white segments. Height 35cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1950.

 Narcissus 'W.P.Milner' Trumpet

An old favourite! It's a dwarf daffodil with nodding flowers. A creamy-white perianth with slightly twisted petals and a sulphur-yellow trumpet. Will naturalise if happy. Height 20cm. Early flowering. Registered pre-1869 by William Backhouse of County Durham, England.

 Narcissus 'Xit' Small-cupped

A hybrid of N. rupicola ssp.watieri with a pure white perianth and a white corona with a green eye. Needs well-drained soil so good for a rock garden. Height 15cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus 'Yellow Cheerfulness' AGM Double Poetaz

The same as N. 'Cheerfulness' except the petals and segments are primrose yellow. Very sweetly scented and it makes excellent cut flower. Height 40cm, flowering later than N. 'Cheerfulness'. Bred by the Eggink Brothers in Holland.

 Narcissi - Wild Species

To:  Cultivated Varieties 

 Narcissus assoanus - Rush-leaved jonquil Species

A tiny and very pretty species that bears small, round, bright yellow flowers, normally single, occasionally in pairs. It has a slight scent. Height 10-15cm, flowering mid-spring.

 Narcissus asturiensis Species

The smallest trumpet narcissus species with long, narrow petals and serrated trumpet. Stems are held at an angle . Height 10cm, flowering very early. From south-west Europe.

 Narcissus broussonetii Species Narcissus

A rarely-grown species, with up to 12 flattish flowers in an umbel. The corona is so small that you might miss it. A native of Morocco, so best suited to pot culture so it can be moved indoors to avoid the worst of the British winter. Height 30cm.

 Narcissus bulbocodium AGM Species

'Hoop-Petticoat Daffodil'. Dark green leaves and distinctive yellow flowers. Height 15cm, flowering mid-spring. From south-west France and Spain.

 Narcissus bulbocodium ssp.bulb. var.conspicuus Species

'Hoop-Petticoat Daffodil'. Popular miniature narcissus, variable in colour from pale to dark yellow. The whole plant rarely gets more than 10cm tall. Naturalises well. Flowers mid-spring.

 Narcissus bulbocodium ssp.bulb. var.tenuifolius Species

Was simply known as N. tenuifolius.

 Narcissus bulbocodium 'Golden Bells' Bulbocodium

A more vigorous variety of N. bulbocodium conspicuous. Can produce several golden flowers per stem, making a really good pot full. Height 12cm. Flowers mid-spring. Pre 1995.

 Narcissus cantabricus Species

'White Hooped Petticoat' A highly desirable species with bright white, funnel-shaped flowers. Characterised by the single leaf that is produced. It is best grown in a pot or alpine bed rather than in open borders. Height 15-20cm. Flowers late winter.

 Narcissus cantabricus ssp.cantab. var.foliosus AGM Species

A milky-white form of the above from Morocco, slightly shorter, but just as early to flower. Upright narrow leaves and a more vigorous form of the species. Height 25cm. Flowers late winter.

 Narcissus cordubensis Species

A lovely sweetly scented jonquil species with golden yellow flowers. The perianth segments are all separate, giving the appearance of a small fan. The cup is small and slightly uneven around the mouth. Flowers early and reaches 30cm tall.

 Narcissus cyclamineus Species

A very rare species with a long golden yellow trumpet and extremely swept back yellow perianth petals. Flowers in early spring. Height 15-20cm.

 Narcissus dubius Species

A very small and dainty looking tazetta species. Bears clusters of up to 6 pure white flowers, carried on stiff stems. It is slow to increase and is better in a container rather than an open border. Height 15-20cm.

 Narcissus hispanicus Species

A very old species, thought to be one of the forefathers to many of the modern cultivars. The flowers are large for a species and are buttercup yellow. The tips of the perianth petals have a curious twist. It was first written about in 1576. Height 40cm.

 Narcissus jonquilla AGM Species

Flowers deep yellow, with a lovely fragrance. The perianth segments are pointed while the cup is tiny and quite flat. It prefers cool moist soil in partial shade and grows to about 20cm.

 Narcissus jonquilla var.henriquesii Species

The foliage is upright, the flowers a clear bright yellow. The perianth petals are more rounded than on some of the jonquil species. The cup is very shallow and the flower is very sweetly scented. Height 25-30cm.

 Narcissus minor Species

Well-known in gardens but not clearly defined in the wild. The flower is deep yellow with twisted petals and trumpet sharply serrated at the mouth. It naturalises very well and flowers for a long time. Very early flowering. Height 10cm. From Pyrenees.

 Narcissus moschatus Species

A superb species with beautiful creamy-white, nodding flowers. The perianth segments become slightly twisted with age. Best grown in pots or an alpine house. Flowers mid-spring. Height 25cm.

 Narcissus nanus Species

A rare bulb, no longer known in the wild. The flowers are completely yellow, with the trumpet being slightly darker. It naturalises well, especially in dryer conditions. Very similar to N.minor which does not have a darker trumpet. Height 15cm, flowering in April.

 Narcissus obvallaris Species

The 'Tenby Daffodil'. Wonderful miniature trumpet, rich golden yellow. Only growing about to 20cm tall. It naturalises well and flowers for a long period.

 Narcissus papyraceus Species

Also known as 'Paper White'. A popular variety with bright white, sweetly scented flowers. Very good for forcing indoors which is its main use. The bulbs themselves are a glossy, rich brown. Height 45cm. Grown since pre-1576 but a new form 'Ziva' is popular.

 Narcissus poeticus Species

'Poet's Narcissus'. A robust upright narcissus with flat, pure white perianth and tiny red-rimmed yellow cups. Height 45cm. Late flowering. From southern Europe.

 Narcissus poeticus 'Plenus' Double

Sometimes called 'Albus Plenus Odoratus'or 'Flore Pleno'. A fragrant double form of the above with a pure white perianth and a small, white double cup. Take time to become established but naturalises well. Height 35cm. Flowers very late. 1861.

 Narcissus poeticus var.recurvus Species

The 'Old Pheasant's Eye'. The last narcissus to flower, often in May. The perianth is pure white and the cup is tiny, greenish-yellow with a bright red border. The scent is very strong. They do take some time to settle down but naturalise well. Height 20-30cm.

 Narcissus pseudonarcissus AGM Species

Known as the 'Wild Daffodil' or 'Lent Lily'. Upright leaves and small nodding flowers with yellow trumpets and narrow, slightly twisted cream perianth segments. Good for naturalising in grassland or deciduous woodland. Height 30cm. From Europe.

 Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp.eugeniae Species

A very rare species with large flowers for a plant of it's size. The perianth is straw coloured while the trumpet is a much darker yellow and heavily notched at the mouth. Height 5-10cm.

 Narcissus pseudonarcissus 'Lobularis' Species

The nearest to the 'Farndale Daffodil'. A splendid cream and yellow flower. The perianth segments tend to twist and curl slightly. Naturalises very well. Rarely growing taller than 25cm.

 Narcissus pumilus Species

Very similar to N.minor but the trumpet of this species is much more frilly and flared. Golden yellow in colour with the trumpet being large compared to the perianth. Early flowering. Height 10-15cm. Possibly a variety originating in a garden.

 Narcissus romieuxii AGM Species

Funnel-shaped pale primrose-yellow flowers. Dark green narrow leaves. Height 10cm. From North Africa.

 Narcissus romieuxii ssp.albidus var.zaianicus Species

White or very pale lemon flowers. Height 10cm.

 Narcissus romieuxii 'Julia Jane' Bulbocodium

A superb variety with large, pale, creamy yellow flowers. The trumpet is very wide and flared. It does best in cool spot and is ideal for growing in pots. Height 12cm. Flowers mid-spring. 1966.

 Narcissus romieuxii ssp.romieuxii var.mesatlanticus Species

Highly sought after narcissus with a horizontal, funnel shaped flower. The colour varies slightly from pale to primrose yellow. The anthers are exposed. The mouth is wide and flared. Best grown in pots in a cool greenhouse as it flowers very early, often around late December. Height 10-15cm.

 Narcissus rupicola Species

Circular golden yellow flowers with shallow six-lobed cups. Thin grey-green keeled leaves. Height 15cm. From Iberian peninsula.

 Narcissus rupicola ssp.watieri Species

A more robust form of N.rupicola the flowers are twice as big but similar silky texture. A very pure white.

 Narcissus serotinus Species

White with tiny corona made up of six lime-coloured lobes. Flower usually faces upwards and sometime more than one per stem. Height 10cm. From southern Spain along Mediterranean islands and North African coast.

 Narcissus tazetta ssp.lacticolor
 see N. 'Chinese Sacred Lily'
 Narcissus triandrus ssp.triandrus var.triandrus Species

A variable species once called N.triandrus var.albus. producing beautiful 'weeping' flowers. The colour can vary from almost white through to pale yellow. The perianth petals are swept back while the fat cup faces downward. Several flowers appear on each stem. Will grow outdoors or else does very well in pots. Height 20cm.

 Narcissus triandrus var.concolor Species

Solitary bright yellow flowers on this species from Spain and Portugal. Likes a dryish summer, so great for a rockery. Height 20cm, flowering early.

 Narcissus willkommii Species

A superb Mediterranean jonquil species with dainty deep yellow flowers. Up to 3 may be produced on a thin stem. The perianth segments are separate and the cup is shallow. Intensely fragrant. Needs well-drained soil and lots of sun. Height 15cm, flowering early.

 Narcissus x gracilis Species

Thought to be a cross between N. jonquilla and N.poeticus but rare today. Also called N.x tenuior. Bears 2-3, sweetly scented pale yellow flowers. The cup is shallow and is darker in colour. Height 30cm. First recorded in 1824.

 Narcissus x intermedius Species

A jonquil x tazetta hybrid. Masses of small yellow flowers. Heavily scented and virtually evergreen. Needs a very dry sunny position. Height 25cm, flowering early to mid-season.

 Narcissus x odorus Species

‘Campernelle Jonquil'. A jonquil x pseudonarcissus hybrid, it bears 1 to 3 very sweetly scented, bright yellow flowers. The cup is quite large, while the perianth segments are narrow. Flowers early. An easy and reliable species to grow. Height 20-30cm.

 Narcissus x odorus 'Double Campernelle' Double

A superb double form. The scent is not too strong but still sweet and the flowers last well, both on the plant and as a cut flower. Height 30cm.

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