Geum 'Beech House Apricot'

A low-growing form producing apricot-orange flowers in spring. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. Height 20cm.

 Geum 'Blazing Sunset'

(=G. pentapetalum 'Flore Pleno'). Flowering throughout the summer. Brilliant semi-double, scarlet blooms are borne on tall branching stems above a rosette of softly hairy, pinnate leaves. 60cm x 45cm (24" x 18"). Prefers partial shade and the attractive foliage goes well with violets and primulas. Well drained soil. A Fleuroselect award winner.

 Geum x 'Borisii'

Bright orange flowers on wiry stems growing to 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8"). Flowering throughout the summer. G. bulgaricum x G. repens hybrid.

 Geum bulgaricum

 Geum calthifolium

Clumps of entire green foliage and branched stems of bright yellow flowers with exserted stamens and spiky seedheads after. A good easy species. Any soil, not too dry, in sun. Grows to 70cm tall.

 Geum 'Coppertone'

G. rivale cultivar.

 Geum 'Dolly North'

Dark orange flowers. A cultivar of G.chiloense.

 Geum 'Fire Opal' AGM

Small clusters of rounded semi-double scarlet blooms over lobed fresh green leaves. Grows to 80cm x 45cm. A cultivar of G.chiloense, introduced in 1928.

 Geum x 'Georgenburg' AGM

Orange flowers paler than 'Borisii'. G. coccineum x G. montanum hybrid.

 Geum x intermedium

Geum rivale x G.urbanum. Yellow-orange flowers late winter into spring above deep green foliage. 30cm. Any soil.

 Geum 'Karlskaer'

Neat up-facing soft orange flowers from dark stems early summer, growing to 35cm tall.

 Geum 'Lady Stratheden'

Semi-double warm yellow flowers from May to September on tall branching stems. Grows to 60cm x 45cm. A cultivar of G.chiloense.

 Geum 'Lemon Drops'

G. rivale cultivar.

 Geum 'Lionel Cox'

Creamy yellow coloured bell shaped flowers on arching stems from April to July. Height 30cm. G. rivale cultivar.

 Geum montanum

Grows to 50cm x 50cm.

 Geum 'Mrs J Bradshaw'

Semi-double bright red flowers from May to September. Grows to 60cm x 45cm (24" x 18"). A cultivar of G.chiloense.

 Geum 'Prinses Juliana' AGM

Semi-double flowers. A cultivar of G.chiloense. Introduced in 1923.

 Geum 'Red Wings'

A cultivar of G.chiloense.

 Geum rivale - Water Avens

For a cool moist situation. Grows to 30 x 30cm.

 Geum rivale var. album

Attractive nodding white flowers with green calyces. April to June. Height 3ocm.

 Geum rivale 'Leonard's Variety'

Bell-shaped flowers, coppery-pink flushed with orange, on reddish stalks, with hairy dark green leaves. Selected in 1923.

 Geum 'Rubin'

Crimson semi-double flowers. A cultivar of G.chiloense.

 Geum triflorum - Prairie Smoke, Purple Avens

Purple-yellow flowers in late spring early summer. Prefers sunny to part shady, moist, well-drained , ordinary garden soil. From grasslands of north-central North America. Grows to 45cm tall x 30cm wide.

 Geum urbanum - Wood Avens

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