15 popular species & varieties hardy in the UK and western Europe

fuchsia country, Peru
 Fuchsia x bacillaris 'Reflexa'

A dwarf encliandra fuchsia, a variety of a natural hybrid of F. thymifolia and F. microphylla. Originated in mountain cloud forests in Central America but grown in gardens for many years. A semi-evergreen shrub in mild areas with tiny red-green serrated leaves and very small deep coral-pink tubular flowers in summer. Plant in humus-rich soil on the moist side, in partial shade. Height and spread 90cms eventually but can be grown as bonsai as fuchsias are amenable to careful root pruning in spring.

 Fuchsia 'Bernisser Hardy'

A top class Dutch plant awarded the Ned-H3 hardiness level. Single flowers with red sepals and purple corolla. Height 90cm. Raised by Bas Weeda in 1985. It is a hybrid of F.magellanica x F.regia.

 Fuchsia 'Corallina'

Scarlet sepals and a deep purple corolla pink at the base are a striking combination. Dark green foliage with a bronze tint. A vigorous spreading bush

 Fuchsia encliandra

Tiny flowers produced in the leaf axils and it has small ferny foliage. The species is usually pink flowered but there is an attractive white form. If you examine the flower carefully you will discover it has four additional stamens that do not protrude beyond the floral tube.

The encliandra species and hybrids make excellent bonsai. Root prune annually in spring before new growth appears and repot with bonsai compost. Prune and shape branches 4-6 weeks after.

Native to Latin America in the high, cool, evergreen cloud forests.

 Fuchsia 'Genii' AGM

Single flowers with cerise-pink sepals and violet corolla. Yellow-green foliage with reddish stems. Very free flowering. 75cm high and spread. Raised by Victor Reiter, USA 1951.

 Fuchsia 'Lady Thumb' AGM

A semi-double sport of 'Tom Thumb' with light carmine-red sepals and a corolla which is white with carmine veins. Grows to 30cm tall by 45cm wide. Raised by Roe in 1966.

 Fuchsia magellanica

Small flowers with deep red tubes and sepals and purple corollas. Free-flowering upright shrub. Oblong fruits are reddish purple. Plant in well-drained, moist, fertile soil in full sun to light shade. Space 90cm apart. Pinch plant when young to achieve a bushy shape. Prune as necessary in spring, removing any dead wood and cutting back last year's growth to 2-3 buds. From Chile and Argentina. Grows up to 2m tall. Flowers in summer.

 Fuchsia magellanica var. gracilis AGM

Small flowers with scarlet sepals and deep purple corollas. Stems are arching and graceful earning it the Award of Garden Merit. Leaves are bronze-green. It grows to 3m high and wide in mild areas, less in colder spots. There are var.gracilis 'Aurea' with yellow-green foliage and var.gracilis 'Variegata' AGM with white-variegated leaves.

 Fuchsia magellanica var. molinae (='Alba')

Sepals very pale lilac-flushed white, the corolla having a slightly deeper lilac flush. Tall vigorous growth. Height 1 to 2m. Var. molinae 'Sharpitor' has similar flowers but cream-edged variegated leaves and only grows to 1m tall.

 Fuchsia 'Margaret' AGM

Raised by W.P.Wood in UK around 1940, a semi-double with scarlet recurving sepals and bluish-purple corolla with cerise veining. Medium sized flowers and a vigorous plant. Grows to 1.2m high and wide. A hybrid of fuchsia magellanica 'Alba' and fuchsia 'Heritage'.

 Fuchsia microphylla

Hardy deciduous shrub bearing tiny, dainty single flowers all summer and autumn. Sepals and corolla deep-pink. Small deep green leaves. Good coastal plant. Any soil in sun or shade. Height 30 to 60cm. Native to Mexico.

 Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple' AGM

Scarlet sepals but the corolla is cerise-pink inside with cerise veining on the outside. Raised by Elliott in 1899.

 Fuchsia 'Mrs W P Wood' AGM

Single flowers, small but freely produced with pale pink tube and sepals and white corolla. Leaves are light green. Raised by Wood in 1949, it grows to around 1.2m.

The bonsai specimen grown by Kath Van Hanegem is 16 years old and measures 38cm high.

 Fuchsia 'Riccartonii' AGM

Called the 'garden' fuchsia (tuinfuchsia)in Holland, it is a natural variety of F.magellanica raised by James Young at Riccarton garden near Edinburgh around 1830. The sepals are scarlet and the corolla purple, the classic fuchsia combination! The sepals open flat not hanging down as with the species. Flowers are small but profuse and leaves dark green. Grows to 1.5m high and wide, flowering late summer.

 Fuchsia 'Tom Thumb' AGM

Single flower with carmine sepals and a corolla of mid-mauve with carmine streaks. Very free flowering dwarf fuchsia. 45cm tall. Raised by Baudinat in 1850.

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