Lilliput Dahlias

In 1951 Johann Sieckmann in Germany chose the name 'Lilliput' for his dwarf dahlias. The Topsvoort family began breeding smaller dahlias in the 1950's. From somewhere they also gathered the name 'Topmix dahlias'. Characteristics of Lilliput dahlias are flowers less than 5cm across and height 60cm or less which makes them ideal for containers. They need protection from freezing temperatures in winter by moving the container under cover.

 Dahlia 'Bambino'

Tiny pure white flowers. Introduced by Topsvoort, Holland in 1955.

 Dahlia 'Bonne Esperance'

Introduced by Topsvoort, Holland in 1948.

 Dahlia 'Brookfield Delight' AGM

Introduced by Dr Gareth Rowlands, Bedford UK in 1999.

 Dahlia 'Chessy'

Introduced by Topsvoort, Holland in 1955.

 Dahlia 'Exotic Dwarf'

Lilac pink with red mark at base of each petal. 30cm tall. Introduced by Nuyens, Holland in 1965.

 Dahlia 'Harvest Amanda' AGM

Tangerine-orange single flowers. Introduced by Ian Butterfield, Bourne End, UK in 1981.

 Dahlia 'Harvest Brownie'

Introduced by Maarse, Holland in 1969.

 Dahlia 'Harvest Dandy'

 Dahlia 'Harvest Inflammation' AGM

Introduced by Ballego, Holland in 1961.

 Dahlia 'Harvest Samantha' AGM

Deep rose-pink semi-double flowers. Introduced 1981. 30cm tall.

 Dahlia 'Harvest Tiny Tot' AGM

Coral to orange flowers, semi-double. 25cm tall. Introduced by Michaels, USA in 1944.

 Dahlia 'Little Dorrit' AGM

Introduced 1976.

 Dahlia 'Mini'

Introduced 1995.

 Dahlia 'Mini White'

Introduced 1995.

 Dahlia 'Omo' AGM

Introduced by Ian Butterfield, Bourne End, UK in 1976.

 Dahlia 'Reddy'

Introduced by Topsvoort, Holland in 1963.

 Dahlia 'Suitzus Julie'

Double pink flower, 37 cm tall. Introduced 1995.

 In passing:

 In the 1990's, Verwer Bros of Holland bred the Gallery Series of dwarf dahlias which also grow to 45cm or less but have larger flowers than the Lilliputs - up to 12cm across. For some reason, perhaps they exhaust themselves in flower production, these are generally used as annual bedding. There are 20 in the series - here are 'Gallery Art Deco' AGM, 'Gallery Leonardo' and 'Gallery Renoir'.
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