Ornamental Onions

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 Allium acuminatum - Tapertip Onion

The flowers are dark rose to reddish purple, the segments taper tipped and longer than the stamens. The flowers are borne in a simple umbel at the top of the stem. Dark-colored outer coat on the bulb. Height 20cm.

 Allium acutiflorum

A slender plant with purplish-pink ball-shaped umbels. Native to Southern France so not fully hardy. Height 40cm.

 Allium aflatuense AGM - Persian Flowering Onion

Also known as Allium hollandicum it produces a few untidy leaves in early spring and these have almost died away when the flower stem elongates and produces the ball of light purple flowers in May / June. If you leave the heads on, it produces green seed capsules which last for several weeks after the flowers have faded. Height 75cm. From central Asia.

 Allium altaicum

Small creamy-white ball-shaped flowers. Height 75cm, flowering July/August. From dry rocky habitats in central Asia.

 Allium altissimum 'Goliath'

A vigorous large plant, with huge dense umbels of lilac-purple flowers with deep purple filaments, reaching up to 100 mm across. It can grow more than 1.5m tall. This is a very dramatic plant, particularly if grown in rich, deep soils.

 Allium 'Ambassador' AGM

A vigorous large plant, with huge dense umbels of deep purple flowers reaching up to 200 mm across. Height 100cm. A sterile hybrid.

 Allium ampeloprasum

Tall growing variety approx 1200 mm. Violet mauve flowers in July and the bulbs are edible. Introduced in 1753 originating from Southern Europe to Caucasus.

 Allium ampeloprasum var.babingtonii - Babington's Leek

 Allium amphibolum

From Western China and scarce in production, the drumsticks of delicate rose-lilac flowers with dark red filaments appear in July. Height 30-40cm (12-16")

 Allium amplectens 'Graceful Beauty'

The white flowers, with pink stripe down the centre of the petals and lilac stamens, appear in June. Height 30cm. An American native species. This variety is one of the best showy white alliums.

 Allium angulosum - Mouse Garlic

‘Mouse Garlic’ is a semi-evergreen variety which forms clumps of 30cm long narrow leaves, topped in summer with drumsticks of light- to mid-pink flowers. Height 45cm. Sometimes called allium pyrenaicum by mistake.

 Allium atropurpureum

A deep red-purple allium with star-shaped flowers in a tight flat umbel 10cm wide appearing in May-June. Height 60cm. From the Himalaya.

 Allium atroviolaceum - Black-violet leek

A ball-shaped head with dark purple-violet tepals and longer filaments.Grows to 90cm and flowers June/July. Native to Crimea and Caucasus considered a bit of a weed, liking dry clay soils.

 Allium 'Beau Regard' AGM

An oustanding sterile hybrid raised in 1959 by Jan R Bijl from A. cristophii and A. macleanii. Huge round heads (up to 20cm in diameter) of light violet-purple flowers on sturdy stems in June. Flowers are similar to its pollen parent, leaves are glossy, bright green. Height 90cm.

 Allium beesianum AGM

A beautiful Chinese species that's difficult to come by true-to-name, most often replaced by other species such as A. cyaneum. The stamens are hidden and the flowers are funnel-shaped with open mouths.

 Allium beesianum 'Album' ?

One of the most attractive of the smaller alliums. Flowering in late summer, this clump forming bulb produces stiff stems carrying drooping umbels of up to 10 pure white bell-shaped flowers. A native of Western China, this is a superb plant for a rockery or front of border. height 15-25cm.

 Allium caeruleum AGM

Also known as Allium azureum. Small dense spherical umbels 40mm wide of bright blue flowers appear in June. Very easy to grow and increases well. The grass-like leaves wither before the flowers appear. Suitable for a rock or scree garden grown in small clumps. From the steppes of Asia. Height 60cm.

 Allium caesium AGM

While the heads are globular like caeruleum, the pedicels are strongly upright. The florets are less open and starry than caeruleum, and are more narrowly campanulate in shape and the stamens are hidden. Flower color is variable from white to azure with dark blue midribs.

 Allium campanulatum

A North American native with flowers pale rose-pink to reddish in May-June. Height 15cm.

 Allium carinatum ssp. pulchellum AGM - Keeled Garlic

A semi-evergreen allium, flowering mid to late summer. Violet-pink flowers, held in small, loose, slightly elongated umbels. Forms a good clump quickly and can be divided in autumn. Not invasive. Height 45cm.

 Allium carinatum ssp. pulchellum f. album AGM

A lovely pure white form of A. pulchellum carinatum. Quite slow to increase. Lovely addition to the rockery. Height 30cm (10")

 Allium carolinianum

 Allium cepa Proliferum Group (viviparum) - Egyptian Tree Onion

The tree onion is a genuinely perennial form of A. cepa that is sometimes grown in the herb garden for its edible bulbils used as a mild salad onion. It suits either the border, a herb garden or a place in a decorative vegetable garden. It has hollow leaves. Small purple drumstick flowers are produced in June. Height 30-45cm (12-18").

 Allium cernuum AGM

A pretty species with lilac-rose, bell shaped flowers, held in loose, nodding clusters which become upright as the seeds ripen. Very variable in height and foliage. Height 45cm. From North America.

 Allium cernuum 'Hidcote' AGM

A particular robust selection raised by John Wall at Wisley’s Alpine Department in 1948. It has violet flowers appearing in June/July, height 75cm.

 Allium cowanii - see Allium neapolitanum - Cowanii Group
 Allium cristophii AGM

Also known as Allium albopilosum. One of the most popular, all round alliums. Large, metallic lilac, star shaped flowers are held in large, loose umbels, up to 200 mm across. Wide strap-shaped shiny green leaves. The seed heads dry well and are ideal for flower arranging. It can self-sow a little. Height 45cm. From central Asia.

 Allium cyaneum AGM

A popular Chinese allium that blooms from midsummer. This is a variable species, from tiny dwarfs only a few inches tall, to taller, upright plants. The open, starry blooms have telltale long stamens.

 Allium cyathophorum var. farreri

A lovely late summer flowering species with loose clusters of tubular, very dark reddish-purple flowers. The mouths of each flower are highly divided. Excellent garden species. Height 30cm (10").

 Allium dichlamydeum - Coastal Onion

 Allium falcifolium

A dwarf species that does well in a sunny rockery, this bulb from the United States produces a dense umbel, about 5cm (2") in diameter, of bell-shaped rose-pink to purple-pink flowers. The foliage is grey-green and sickle-shaped. Height 10cm (4").

 Allium 'Firmament'

A hybrid between A. atropurpureum and A. christophii, it combines the beauty of both parents to give very impressive, huge deep purple umbels in June/July. Ornamental seedheads. Reaches about 75cm.

 Allium fistulosum - Welsh Onion

A good clump-forming species that produces unusual greenish yellow flowerheads up to 8cm across. Height 60cm.

 Allium flavum AGM

A well-known yellow-flowered allium producing its loose umbels of bell-shaped flowers in July/August. Grown from seed and self-sows freely. Broad silver-green tulip-like leaves. Height 45cm.

 Allium flavum ssp. flavum

A later flowering species producing large plumes of bell shaped, bright yellow flowers. Excellent for the rockery, flowers are produced through June and July. Height 45cm. (12-20").

 Allium flavum var.nanum

A dwarf form of the species, growing to only 10-15cm.

 Allium flavum ssp. tauricum

 Allium giganteum AGM

A huge tall spike some 1.2m tall bearing a very dense umbel of bright mauve-purple flowers, often there are hundreds of flowers per umbel. Flowers late June and through July. From Himalaya.

 Allium 'Gladiator' AGM

A Dutch nursery sterile hybrid between A. x.hollandicum and A. macleanii. A dramatic plant in any border, rose-purple flowers carried on strong 1.2m tall stems. Bulbs increase only slowly.

 Allium 'Globemaster' AGM

An absolutely stunning plant with star-shaped, violet-purple flowers borne in dense umbels. This is one of the sturdiest alliums. Height 90cm. A sterile hybrid of A. cristophii and A. macleanii raised by Jan R Bijl.

Allium 'Globus'

A hybrid raised from A. giganteum and A. christophii, this produces beautiful large violet drumsticks up to 15cm across in June. Height 60cm.

Allium goodingii

A dwarf species that is extremely rare in its native America, this cultivated form produces looses clusters of strong pink flowers in June. Height 15cm.

 Allium hirtifolium var. album

From Iran, Iraq and Turkey, this allium which is scarce in production produces large drumsticks of white star-shaped flowers up to 10cm (4") across at the start of June. One of the taller species, so great for adding height to the border. Height 120cm (4ft).

 Allium 'His Excellency'

A seedling from A. macleanii. The flowers are bluish-purple and can be 13cm across. Foliage is glossy and persists until well after flowering.

 Allium hollandicum AGM

Lilac-blue flowers carried on strong 90cm stems. A good reliable variety (possible a hybrid as it doesn't come true from seed) but scarce in cultivation. It was introduced in 1948 by the Dutch firm, van Tubergen as allium aflatunense but this is actually from Central Asia and is taller with twisted, reflexed sepals.

 Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' AGM

Probably one of the best known of the drumstick alliums. Rich, deep purple ball-shaped flowers 75 mm diameter appear in June/July. Associates very well with silver under-planting. Attractive seedheads. Height 90cm. Selected by Jan R Bijl in 1964.

 Allium hyalinum

 Allium insubricum AGM - Lombardy Garlic

Flowers red-purple. Height 20cm. Native to stony slopes in the Italian alps (the limestone-rich Regio insubrica).

 Allium jesdianum

 Allium jesdianum ssp. angustitepalum

Huge violet umbels, 15 cm in diameter, bloom on 60-80 cm stems in May-July. The florets have white stamens. The wide leaves stay green during flowering. These are large bulbs that multiply slowly. Native to Afghanistan.

 Allium jesdianum 'Early Emperor' AGM

Dense, rounded umbels, up to 15cm in diameter, of purple-violet flowers with prominent white stamens are borne in late spring. Height 80cm.

 Allium karataviense AGM

A very useful early-flowering dwarf allium, its large glaucous foliage makes for excellent, well behaved groundcover. Pale pink flower heads grow up some 20cm diameter. Height 30cm. From Kara Tau mountains in Kazakhstan.

 Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen'

A superior form of the species with bright yellow-white flowers. Makes ideal ground cover or looks good in tubs.

 Allium ledbourianum

 Allium lineare

 Allium 'Lucy Ball'

A Dutch nursery sterile hybrid between A. x.hollandicum and A. macleanii. An attractive plant with unusually good foliage. Large violet purple flowers carried on 100cm stems. Good cut flower. Bulbs increase only slowly.

 Allium macleanii

Beautiful compact umbels of pinkish-purple, with white stamens giving the appearance of having a halo around it. Height 90cm.

 Allium macranthum

Found in India and Western China, this dwarf species produces lovely loose umbels of up to 20 bell-shaped deep purple-pink flowers in summer. Height 20-30cm.

 Allium mairei

A very unusual late-flowering species which carries loose heads of bright pink bell-shaped flowers with red spots. Height 15-25cm.

 Allium mairei var.amabile

Dainty rose-pink flowers bloom for weeks in July-August amid grassy foliage. Forms a neat clump. Native to NW Yunnan Province in China. Introduced from there by George Forrest, who found it in high alpine meadows. Height 10-15 cm.

 Allium 'Mars'

A selection from A. stipitatum. A vigorous variety with dark purple flowers, and foliage that persists well after flowering. Any well drained soil. Height 120cm.

 Allium maximowiczii

 Allium maximowiczii- white form

Bright white flowers in spring fit nicely with the very ornamental fine silver gray foliage which looks good all year Tight clumps with flowers reach 20cm.

 Allium 'Millenium'

Raised in Massachusetts, this July-August-September flowering hybrid is related to A. nutans. It has 5cm rosy-purple flowers and a height of 40cm. USA Perennial of the Year in 2018.

 Allium moly - Golden Garlic

A reliable dwarf yellow species, excellent for the rock garden, or for underplanting roses. Flowers in early to midsummer. Height 30cm. Increases well. Prone to slug attack. From south-west France.

 Allium moly 'Jeanine' AGM

Far superior to the species, this wonderful selection flowers about 14 days before the species.

 Allium 'Mont Blanc'

Creamy white drumstick, a little later to flower than A. ‘Mount Everest’. Very reliable, and easy to grow. Increases quite well. Height 75cm.

 Allium 'Mount Everest' AGM

An excellent white hybrid between A. x.hollandicum and A. stipitatum. Growing to about 100cm (40") tall it is one of the best white alliums.

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 Allium multibulbosum - see Allium nigrum
 Allium narcissiflorum

A delightful alpine with chive-like leaves and rose-purple flowers on strong stems. Likes lime so a limestone rock garden is ideal.

 Allium neapolitanum AGM - Bride’s Flower

Also called ‘White Garlic’. A good rock garden allium but not widely available. Flowers are pure white, scented and carried in quite sparse umbels in late spring. From Mediterranean so not fully hardy in UK. Height 30cm.

 Allium neapolitanum - Cowanii Group

Very similar to the species but definitely a larger flower and flowering in May / June. Introduced by James Cowan, a London bulb merchant in 1823 and thought to be the first allium from South America. It is now known that there are none in South America. Height 40cm. Good cut flower.

 Allium neapolitanum 'Grandiflorum'

As the name suggests, a larger-flowered variety of the species. Again needs good drainage and a sheltered position.

 Allium nevskianum

Of the same group as A.karataviense. this species has much longer leaves. Height 30cm.

 Allium nigrum

Also called A. multibulbosum. Flowers are pale lilac or white, with a greenish stripe down the top of the petals appearing in early summer. Height about 60cm. From Mediterranean area. Easy to grow from seed or bulbils.

 Allium nutans

A delightful species that carries a dense, flattish umbel of mid pink flowers. Flowers in June and July and is happy in most conditions. Height 25cm.

 Allium obliquum

This species is different to the other yellow flowered on in that the flowers are held in a tight round ball. The flowers are bright yellow, occasionally tinged with green. Height 80cm.

 Allium oreophilum / ostrovskianum AGM - Pink Lily Leek

Fine dwarf species for the rock garden. Growing to about 12cm, the bright rose-purple flowers in loose umbels are long-lasting. Flowers in early summer. From Caucasus.

 Allium oreophilum / ostrovskianum 'Zwanenberg' AGM

Fine selection of the species, with brighter rose-purple flowers. Flowers in early summer. Height 25-30cm.

 Allium paniculatum - Pale Garlic

 Allium paradoxum var. normale

One of the earliest to flower. White umbels produced as early as April. Height 35cm.

 Allium 'Powder Puff' AGM

New hybrid (A. nevskianum x A. servaschanium 2013). Violet-purple scented flowers with white stamens appear in May / June. Multi-headed. Height 40cm

 Allium 'Purple Rain' AGM

New hybrid (A. cristophii x A. 'Purple Sensation'). Amethyst-purple 150mm diameter flowers on tall, strong stems appear in May / June. Height 100cm

 Allium przewalskianum

 Allium ramosum (odorum) - Chinese Chives

The flowers, small round heads of white, are borne from mid and late summer, and the petals can be used as a garnish on salads. The grass-like foliage can be cut and used as a herb with a slightly lighter and fresher taste than common chives. Height 30cm.

 Allium rosenbachianum

A beautiful border allium, producing in summer 1m high drumsticks of star-shaped deep purple flowers with protruding violet stamens.

 Allium rosenbachianum 'Michael Hoog'

The tallest selection of A. rosenbachianum standing about 1.2m tall and also has the largest umbels of bright violet flowers 10cm wide. The new foliage is attractive in that the leaves all have red tips when they first emerge. Increases well and is quite happy in any soil.

 Allium rosenbachianum 'Purple King'

The latest of the A. rosenbachianum forms to flower. Blooms are a very deep rich purple and are carried in dense umbels about 70cm tall.

 Allium roseum - Rosy Gardlic

Another easy variety for the rockery (meaning it self-sows furiously), growing some 25cm tall, it provides a splash of pink flowers throughout June and July.

 Allium roseum var.bulbiferum

 Allium rotundum ssp.jajlae (scorodoprasum jajlae)

 Allium 'Round and Purple'

Huge drumstick heads of lilac-mauve flowers appear in mid-June on the top of very robust stems. A stunning hybrid when in full flower. Height 90-120cm.

 Allium sarawschanicum 'Chinoro'

Huge, deep purple umbels, 8-10 cm across, bloom in June on 50-70cm stems. The pleated leaves are up to 40cm long and 7cm wide. Native to Central Asia but rare in cultivation.

 Allium sativum

An annual allium. White flowers. Grown near roses it repels aphids. Height 30cm.

 Allium saxatile

This dwarf rock garden species, growing to only 20cm is variable in colour, producing small pincushion-like flowerheads from mid-pink through to pure white. Scarce in cultivation.

 Allium schoenoprasum - Chives

A selected form of the common herb ‘Chives’. Offers good decorative appeal and doubles for kitchen use.

 Allium schoenoprasum - white form

Closely related to common chives, this is a very decorative species producing umbels of up to 30 pure white flowers. Superb addition to any potager or ornamental vegetable garden. Height 30-60cm.

 Allium schoenoprasum 'Forescate'

A fantastic selected strain of A. schoenoprasum, this is more vigourous than the species and produces lovely heads of bright deep purplish pink flowers. Height 60cm.

 Allium schoenoprasum 'Silver Chimes'

Terminal clusters of small, silvery-white, bell-shaped, edible flowers in late summer. Height 25cm.

 Allium schubertii - Firework Allium

One of the most dramatic alliums of all, beloved by flower arrangers. Rose-red spidery flowers in June/July. Height 45cm.

 Allium scorodoprasum - Sand Leek, Rocambole

One of the darkest flowering species, through June and July this produces loose 30mm ball-shaped umbels of dark magenta flowers at the top of wiry stems. Height 60cm.

 Allium scorodoprasum scorodoprasum

One of the darkest flowering species, this produces through June and July loose umbels of dark magenta flowers at the top of wiry stems. Height 60-90cm.

 Allium senescens ssp. montanum

Pinkish-purple flowers in small umbels. Grows to about 25cm. Very useful for establishing in hot dry places where nothing much else will grow.

 Allium senescens var.glaucum

 Allium senescens ssp. senescens

A clump-forming species that produces several narrow leaves per bulb, so the foliage provides quite a luxuriant backdrop to the pretty pale to deep pink flowers held in tight umbels in summer. Height 15-30cm.

 Allium serra

 Allium sikkimense

A beautiful Chinese species that can be difficult to acquire true to name. It is frequently confused with beesianum and cyaneum. Allium sikkimense is typically smaller and lower growing than beesianum, the pedicels are very short (yielding a tighter cluster-head look), and the flowers are narrow bells, almost bottle-shaped and barely opening. Height 15cm. Flowers in July. From Himalaya.

 Allium sphaerocephalon - Round-headed Leek

Deep purple-crimson flowers carried on 60cm stems in mid to late summer. Dark green leaves. Looks superb growing through Artemisia 'Powys Castle' or other silver foliage. Height 90cm. From Europe.

 Allium sphaerocephalon 'Hair'

Solid purple centred flower with strange spiralled green petals poking out. Forms a dense umbel approx 4cm across. Unlike any of the traditional Alliums, and an absolute must for any garden.

 Allium stipitatum - Persian Shallot

A tall stately allium some 120cm high. Its dense umbels carrying hundreds of lilac-purple flowers. It is also particularly good as a dried flower.

 Allium stipitatum 'Album'

The most popular white drumstick allium, standing over 120cm tall it adds height to any border. It also increases quite well. There is a new AGM hybrid of A. stipitatum and A. aflatunense called 'Mount Everest'.

 Allium 'Summer Beauty'

An impressive hybrid onion with deep green glossy foliage that makes its own statement even without the pink flowers that stand 60cm tall. Blooms July/August.

 Allium thunbergii AGM

A valuable late-flowering allium for autumn colour. Height 25cm, flowering in October. From Japanese Islands.

 Allium thunbergii 'Ozawa'

A good rock-garden selection. Height 25cm, flowering in October.

 Allium triquetrum - Three-cornered Garlic

Clusters of white flowers, each with a green stripe on the reverse. Thrives well in shade. Grows to 30cm. Flowers in spring. Naturalises well (that is self-sows vigorously). From southern Europe.

 Allium tuberosum - Garlic Chives

Clump forming variety. Aromatic foliage. Flowers are white, appearing in midsummer. Height 30cm.

 Allium unifolium AGM

Californian species growing about 30cm high, with bright lilac-pink flowers in loose umbels amidst the leaves. A good front of border plant. Perhaps the prettiest of the American species. Needs sun and good drainage.

 Allium ursinum - Ramsons

‘Wild Garlic’. A vigorous plant for naturalising in woodland. Producing large swathes of white flowers about 25cm tall in May.

 Allium victorialis - Alpine Leek

A beautiful species from the Alps, this has very attractive large glaucous mid-green leaves, from which emerge slender stems topped with round white flower heads 4-5cm in diameter.One of the more subtle Alliums. Height 30-45cm.

 Allium vineale - Crow garlic

Pink or purple tepals with a darker vein. Flowers July/August. From southern Europe. Likes alkaline soil.

 Allium 'Violet Beauty' AGM

An excellent early-flowering 'stipitatum' variety with 100mm violet-purple drumsticks sweetly scented and carried on strong 75cm stems. An excellent cut flower and increases well.

 Allium virgunculae

 Allium wallichii

A lovely late-flowering variety from Nepal, producing masses of star-shaped purple flowers held in loose umbels. Provides a welcome splash of colour in the autumn border. Height 60cm.

 Allium 'White Giant'

As the name suggests, this is a giant of an Allium. The flower heads are large and dense, pure white in colour. Height 180cm.

 Allium zebdanense

Thrives in hot dry conditions where not much else will grow.

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