The Dering Roll

The Dering Roll

The Dering Roll is the oldest existing parchment roll which records armigers and their coats-of-arms. It dates from around 1270 to 1280 CE.  It is believed to have been commissioned by Sir Stephen of Penchester (shield 6) who was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle from 1268 to 1299.  The parchment roll is 2645mm long by about 210mm wide, consisting of 4 sheets stitched together, and shows 324 coats-of-arms of the knights owing feudal service to the constable of Dover Castle with the names of the knights in French written above.

The Dering Roll - enlarged

This is a record of approximately a quarter of the English baronage at that time.  It begins with two of King John’s illegitimate children, Richard Fitz Roy and William de Say.  Then follow the knights of Kent and Sussex.  The last six rows (289-324) are knights from northern France and the Low Countries.

The first two sheets with 168 arms are shown here.  The British Library website has the full roll illustrated and more detailed information.

Sir Edward Dering

The roll gets its name from a later owner, Sir Edward Dering (1598—1644), who was Lieutenant of Dover Castle.  It appears that, while it was in his possession, entry number 61, Nicholas de Criol, was changed.  The name was amended to the fictitious Richard FitzDering and the shield rubbed out and replaced.  Perhaps Sir Edward wanted to claim an ancient Dering ancestor.


In 2008 the Dering Roll was purchased by the British Library for £194,000. Two other rolls from around the same date have been used to cross-check details - The Camden Roll at the British Museum, London and the Herald’s Roll at the FitzWilliam Museum in Cambridge.

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This is an edited extract from the Dering Roll as recorded on the “Heraldry” website by Brian Timms, which closed in 2006 but has been archived at the above link.  The numbering and blazons (heraldic descriptions) have been added here and the heraldic colour names are given below.  The label on some arms, a horizontal strap across the top with three rectangular pendants, needs an explanation - it was used to mark the arms of the eldest son.  And ‘Sire de ... ’ is ‘Lord of ... ’ .  The English name is sometimes given in brackets.

1 Richard fiz le rei (Fitzroy)

Gules two lions passant or


2 Willeame de Sai

Quarterly or and gules


3 Robert de Crevquer (Crevecoeur)

Or a cross voided of the field


4 Willeame de Leiborne

Azure six lions rampant argent


5 Roger de Leiborne (Leybourne)

Or six lions rampant sable


6 Estefne de Pencestre (Penchester, Penshurst)

Gules a cross argent


7 Robert de Cauvile (Colville)

Azure a lion rampant or


8 Rauf de Normanvile

Gules a fess between two bars gemelles argent


9 Robert de Setvans

Azure three winnowing fans or


10 Rauf de Sanduiz (Sandwich)

Azure a chif indented or


11 Roger de Northwode

Ermine a cross indented gules


12 Jon de Cobeham

Gules on a chevron or three fleurs de lis azure


13 John de Sandwiz (Sandwich)

Or a chief indented azure


14 Bertram de Criel

Or two chevrons and a canton gules


15 Henri de Cobeham

Gules semy de lis or a cross argent


16 Thomas de Adeham (Aldham)

Azure a sun in his splendour or


17 Willem de Berblinge (Barming)

Argent three fleurs de lis sable


18 Rauf de Sein Leger (Ralph de Saint Leger)

Azure fretty argent a chief or


19 Rauf de Badelesmere

Ermine a fess beyween two bars gemelles gules


20 Roger de Scirelande (Shirland)

Azure six lions rampant argent overall a canton ermine


21 Goncelin de Badelsmere

Argent a fess between two bars gemelles gules


22 Nicole Abelin

Or on a cross sable five eagles displayed argent


23 --- (Guncelin de Badlesmere)

Argent a fess between two bars gemelles gules


24 Rauf de Eslinge (Ralph de Eastling)

Azure a bend gules cotised between six boar’s heads or


25 Robert de Champaine

Argent three bars wavy gules


26 Warois de Valoynes

Gules fretty argent


27 Willem de Valoynes

Argent three pallets wavy gules


28 Stefne de Cosintone (Stephen de Cossington)

Azure three cinquefoils or


29 Rauf de Oteringedene (Ralph de Otterden)

Ermine a cross voided gules


30 Willem de Orlastone (Orlestone)

Or two chevrons and on a canton gules a lion rampant argent


31 Symon de Creye

Gules a cross indented or


32 Willem de Faukeham

Argent a fess between three annulets gules


33 Nichole de Hanlo (Hadlow)

Or two chevrons and on a canton gules a crescent argent


34 Willem le Genne

Argent three lions rampant sable


35 Willem de Hevre (Hever)

Gules a cross argent a label azure


36 Jon de Borne (Bourne)

Ermine on a bend azure three lions rampant argent


37 Willem de Detlinge

Sable six lions rampant argent


38 Henri de Apeldefeld

Ermine a bend gules


39 Rauf Perot

Quarterly per fess indented or and azure


40 Henri le FizApeldrefeld

Ermine a bend vairy gules and or


41 Jon de Rokesle (Ruxley)

Azure a fess between six lions rampant argent


42 Rauf Haket (Ralph Hacket)

Sable crusilly and three hakes in pale argent


43 Robert de Hardres

Ermine a lion rampant gules overall a chevron or


44 Stefne de Botone (Boughton)

Azure on a chief indented or three torteaux gules


45 Nicole Peson

Ermine on a fess azure three lions rampant argent


46 Willem de Apeldrefeud (Apuldrefield)

Or on a fess gules three lozenges vair


47 Robert de Scotto (Scothou)

Ermine on a cross gules five martlets or


48 Water de Gosehale

Or on a hurt a cinquefoil of the field on a chief indented azure two bezants


49 Peres de Hontingfeld (Huntingfield)

Quarterly or and gules a label sable bezanty


50 Bertram Tancre

Azure two bendlets argent


51 Lorenz de Seint Michel (Lawrence de Saint Michael)

Gules a cross or fretty sable


52 Bertelmeu de Woteringeberi (Bartholomew de Wateringbury)

Argent six lions rampant sable


53 Roger de Tilmanstone

Gules six lions rampant double queued argent


54 Stefne Sodan

Azure three bendlets argent


55 Auncel de Gise (Anselm de Guise)

Gules three pallets vair a canton or


56 Jon de Bikenor (Bicknor)

Argent on a chief azure three lions rampant or


57 Alisandre de Chene (Cheney)

Quarterly or and gules a label azure


58 Jon de Pecham (Peckham)

Azure six annulets or


59 Willem de Merwrthe (Mereworth)

Argent crusilly sable a chevron gules


60 Eymeri de Lucy (Amaury de Lucy)

Azure crusilly three pike in fess hauriant or


61 Nicole de Criel (Criol)

Party per fess or and gules


     Replaced on the roll by the supposed arms of Richard FitzDering - BS.

62 Thomas de Marines

Or a cross indented gules


     See also No.79 below - BT.

63 Henri Malemein

Gules three hands or


64 Willem Monchensi (William de Boughton Monchelsea)

Or three escutcheons barry of six vair and gules


65 Richard Martel

Or three mallets gules


66 Rauf de Levelande

Sable three bear’s heads argent


     There is some evidence in other copies that the bear’s heads are boar’s heads - BT.

67 Willem Peyfrer (William le Peyferer)

Argent six fleurs de lis sable


68 Roger de Romenal

Or two chevrons on a canton gules three leopard’s heads of the field


69 Aleyn de Tuitham (Twytham)

Argent three cinquefoils sable


70 Yon de Sillingheld (Yves de Chilham)

Azure six leopard’s heads or


71 Robert de Hugham (Hougham)

Argent five chevrons sable


72 Thomas de Sanduiz (Sandwich)

Or on a chief azure three lions rampant argent


73 Rauf Savage

Ermine a chief azure three lions rampant or


74 Nicole le Gras

Azure three lions rampant or a chief argent


75 Nichole de Ore

Argent a cross gules fretty or cantonned by four birds sable


76 Bertelmeu de Morstone (Murston)

Argent on a chief gules three birds or


     In the absence of any specification of the type of bird, I have arbitrarily shown ducks - BT.

77 Hamo de Gatton

Checky argent and azure


78 Robert d’Ufford (Earl of Suffolk)

Sable a cross indented or


79 --- (Thomas de Marines)

Or a cross indented gules


     This appears to be a copy of 62, above - BT.

80 Warin de Bassingborne

Gironny of eight or and azure


81 Aleyn Plokenet (Alan de Plucknett)

Ermine a bend engrailed gules


82 Baudewin Wake

Or two bars gules in chief three torteaux


83 Peres de Muntfort (Piers de Montfort)

Bendy of eight or and azure


     The Dering Roll shows three bendlets, but the difference is not significant - BT.

84 Willem de Vescy

Or a cross sable overall a label gules


85 Jon le FizAleyn

Gules a lion rampant or


86 Willem de Breouse (Brewes)

Azure crusilly a lion rampant or


87 Robert Agilon (Aguillon)

Gules a fleur de lis argent


88 Willem Bardolf

Azure three cinquefoils or


89 Willem Marmion

Vair a fess gules


90 Henri (de) Tregoz

Azure two bars gemelles in chief a lion passant gardant or


91 Jon de Seint Jon (John de St John)

Argent on a chief gules two mullets or


92 Jon de Boun (Bohun)

Or a cross azure


93 Henri de Perci

Azure a fess of five fusils or


94 Henri Heuse (de la Hussey)

Barry of six ermine and gules


95 Richard de Mandevile

Azure fretty or


96 Jon de Cameys (Camoys)

Or on a chief gules three plates


97 Robert de Porpount (Pierpont)

Azure a chief checky or and gules


98 Symon de Perpont (Pierpont)

Checky or and gules a chief azure


99 Walram de de Muntceaus (Monceux)

Argent a bend sable


100 Willem de Echingham

Azure fretty argent


101 Richard Waleys

Gules a fess ermine


102 Jon de Perci (Percy)

Sable a fess of five fusils argent


103 Roger (de) la Ware

Gules crusilly and a lion rampant argent


104 Johan de la Haye

Argent a sun in splendour gules


105 Willem Heringod (Heringaud)

Azure crusilly and six herrings hauriant or


106 Lucas de Poninge (Poynings)

Or three bars vert overall a bend gules


107 Willem de Hastinge

Argent a fess between three lozenges azure


108 Willem de Autrive

Azure a fess of five fusils argent a label gules


109 Jon de Munceus (John de Monceux)

Gules a maunch or


110 Huge Sanz Aver (Hugh Sanzaver)

Azure crusilly three crescents or


111 Ricard de Pevenese (Pevensey)

Azure a chevron or fretty gules between three crosses moline argent


112 Nicole Malemeyns

Gules three dexter hands in pale argent


113 Thomas Peverel

Gironny of eight argent and gules a bordure sable semy of bezants


114 Willem Grandin

Azure three mullets or a label gules

Blank on the roll

115 Willem Maufe

Argent semy of escallops gules a lion rampant sable


116 Robert de Cokefeld (Cuckfield)

Gules a fleur de lis ermine


117 --- Robert le Poer

Azure three boar’s heads couped or


     Blank on the roll - BT.

118 Willem FitzLel

Sable crusilly three crescents argent


119 Willem Seint Leger

Azure fretty argent a chief gules


120 Jon Peche

Gules a crescent or on a chief argent two mullets gules


121 Adam de Bavent

Argent a chief indented sable


122 Thomas de Warbotone (Warbleton)

Lozengy or and azure


123 Roger le Covert

Gules a fess ermine in chief two mullets or


124 Willem de Northie

Quarterly argent and azure


125 Willem Paynel

Argent two bars sable an orle of martlets gules


126 Thomas Paynell

Or two bars azure an orle of martlets gules


127 Roger de Leukenore

Azure three chevrons argent


128 Rauf de Stopeham

Argent three crescents and a canton gules


129 Richard de Esbornham (Ashburnham)

Gules a fess argent in chief three mullets or


130 Jon Mowin

Argent three cinquefoils a canton gules


131 Robert de Vel

Argent on a bend sable three calves of the field


132 Lorenz (Lawrence) de Neville

Gules crusilly and two trumpets pilewise or


133 Herbert de Borgherse

Gules a lion rampant or a label azure


134 Andreu de Sakevile

Quarterly or and gules a bend vair


135 Lucas de Viene

Azure crusilly and a fess dancetty argent


136 Richard de Feringes

Argent two bars gemelles and in chief a lion passant


137 Robert Livet

Argent crusilly gules a lion rampant sable


138 Jon de la Mare

Gules a maunch argent


139 Willem de Bodiham

Argent a bordure gules bezanty


140 Hamon Bonet

Checky gules and or a chief azure


141 Huge de Boues (Bussey)

Or three water bougets azure


142 Willem Agilon

Azure a fleur de lis argent


143 Ricard de Ore

Argent three bars azure a bend gules bezanty


144 Symon de Someri

Azure fretty argent on a canton or a fleur de lis gules


145 --- (Walter Giffard)

Azure three lions passant gardant argent crowned or


     Blank on the roll - BT.

146 Richard Tani

Or six eagles displayed sable


147 Bertelmeu de Briancon (Bartholomew de Brianson)

Gironny of eight argent and azure


148 Rauf de Berne(r)s

Quarterly or and vert


149 Bertelmeu de Sule (Sudeley)

Or two bendlets gules


150 Gerard de l’Ille (Lisle)

Gules a lion passant gardant argent crowned or


151 Robert de Lyle

Or a fess between two chevrons sable


152 Willem Chamberlein

Azure three keys in pale the wards upwards and to the dexter or


153 Giffrei de Convile (Geoffrey de Camville)

Azure three lions passant gardant argent


154 Felipe Chamberlein

Gules two keys crossed in saltire or


155 Jon Breton

Quarterly or and gules a bordure azure


156 Huge de Torbevile (Turberville)

Argent a lion rampant gules


157 Eli(a)s Giffard

Gules three lions passant argent a bordure indented or


158 Jon le Estrange

Gules two lions passant gardant argent


159 Jon de Balun

Barry dancetty of six argent and gules


160 Robert de Mortemer

Gules two bars vair


161 Robert Corbet

Or two ravens sable


162 Moriz de Berkley

Gules a chevron argent


163 Robert de Munfort (Montfort)

Bendy of eight or and azure a label gules


164 Robert FizRoger

Argent a lion rampant sable


165 Rauf Basset

Or four pallets gules a canton ermine


166 Norman Darci

Argent three cinquefoils gules


167 Jon de Beauchamp



168 Rauf Toni (Ralph de Tony)

Argent a maunch gules


169 Jon Tregoz

Or two bars gemelles in chief a lion passant gardant gules


170 Moriz FizGeroud (Maurice FitzGerald)

Argent a saltire gules


171 Giffrei de Genevile

Azure three horse braies fesswise in pale or a chief ermine a lion rampant issuant gules


172 Richard FizJon

Quarterly or and gules overall a bordure vair


173 William de Audele (Audley)

Gules fretty or


174 Felipe Marmion

Argent a sword in pale the point upwards sable


175 Tebaud de Verdon (Theobald de Verdun)

Or fretty gules


176 Roger de Clifford

Checky or and azure a fess gules


177 Aleyn la Souche (Alan de la Zouche)

Gules bezanty


178 Rauf Daubeni (Ralph Daubeney)

Gules a fess of five fusils argent


179 Felipe Daubeni (Philip Daubeney)

Gules a fess of five fusils argent in chief three mullets or


180 Willem Daubeny

Gules a fess of five fusils in chief three martlets argent


181 Robert Dinant

Gules a fess indented between four escallops ermine


182 Willem la Souche (William la Zouche)

Azure ten bezants


183 Oliver (de) Dinant

Gules a fess indented ermine


184 Richard de Cornwaile

Argent on a fess sable three bezants


185 Henri de Ralle (Henry de Raleigh)

Gules crusilly or a bend vair


186 Ede l’Ercediakne (Otto le Archdeacon)

Argent three chevrons sable


187 Robert de Aumari

Vairy argent and gules a label sable bezanty


188 Robert Malet

Sable three buckles argent


189 Robert FilzNel (FitzNeel?)

Paly of six argent and gules on a fess azure three bezants


190 Walter de la Pole

Gules a saltire argent a bordure sable bezanty


191 Tomas de Kent

Argent a fess gules


192 Richard (de) Pultimor

Azure a lion rampant or


193 Henri de Chambernon

Gules a saltire vair


194 Gilbert de Seint Aubin

Or on a cross sable five plates


195 Roger la Souche

Ermine on a fess gules three bezants


196 Robert Tipetot

Argent a saltire engrailed gules


197 --- (Jean de Joinville)

Azure three horse braies fesswise in pale a chief argent a lion rampant issuant gules


198 Jon de Borgh

Lozengy vair and gules


199 Robert de Munteni (Mounteney)

Azure a bend between six martlets or


200 Robert de Nevil(l)e

Gules a saltire argent


201 Jon de Vaus (Vaux)

Checky argent and gules


202 Robert de Estotevile

Barry of twelve argent and gules a lion rampant sable


203 Roger de Mumbray (Mowbray)

Gules a lion rampant argent


204 Nicole de Segrave

Sable a lion rampant argent


205 Filipe de Kyme

Gules semy of crosses crosslet a chevron or


206 Renaud de Grei (Grey)

Barry of six argent and azure a label gules


207 Robert le FizWater (FitzWalter)

Or a fess between two chevrons gules


208 Gilebert Peche

Argent a fess between two chevrons gules


209 Richard de Grei (Grey)

Barry of six argent and azure


210 Robert de Ros

Gules three water bougets argent


211 Jon de Boys

Argent two bars and a canton gules


212 --- (Roger de Mohaut)

Azure a lion rampant argent


213 Roger de Sumeri (Somery)

Or two lions passant gardant azure


214 Huge le Despenser

Quarterly argent and gules fretty or overall a bendlet sable


215 Jon de Veci (John de Vescy)

Or a cross sable


216 Giffrei de Lusci (Geoffrey de Lucy)

Gules crusilly three pike hauriant or


217 Jon de Hastinge

Or a maunch gules


218 Robert de Quinci

Gules a cinquefoil argent


219 Richard de Brus (Bruce)

Gules a saltire and a chief or


220 Osbarn Giffard

Argent two bars on a chief gules a lion passant gardant or


221 Giffard le Bef (John Giffard)

Gules three lions passant gardant in pale argent a label azure


222 Symon Basset

Barry wavy of eight azure and argent


223 Henri de Panebregge (Pembridge)

Barry of eight or and azure


224 Robert Talebot

Barry of twelve argent and gules


225 Jon de Cantelo

Azure three fleurs de lis or


226 Adam de Muhaut

Argent three bars gemelles sable overall a lion rampant gules


227 Thomas de Chewurthe (Chaworth)

Azure two chevrons or


228 Brian FizAleyn

Barry of twelve or and gules


229 Henri Mauvesin

Gules three bendlets argent


230 Henri de Borchelle (Burghill)

Paly of six or and azure


231 Grimbaud Pancevot (Grimbald Pauncefoot)

Gules three lions rampant argent


232 Jon Mautravers

Sable fretty or


233 Adam de Cretinge

Argent a chevron between three mullets gules


234 Willem Mautravers (Maltravers)

Sable fretty or on a canton gules three lions passant argent


235 Robert Giffard

Or a cross indented sable overall four concentric rings azure


236 Beves de Cnouvile (Knoville)

Gules three mullets or


237 Gilbert de Cnouvile (Knoville)

Argent three mullets gules


238 Jon le Marescal

Gules a bend indented or


239 Jon de Vautou (Vautort)

Or a saltire gules


240 Rauf Musard

Gules three plates


241 Giffrei de Langele

Argent a fess between three escallops sable


242 Water de Helyon

Or three stag’s heads sable


243 Felipe de Serne

Per fess argent and gules a lion rampant within a bordure all per fess counterchanged


244 Willem de Wautone (Walton)

Argent a chevron sable


245 Willem Ambesas

Or three dice sable each with a point argent


246 Roland de Okestede (Oxted)

Argent an oak tree eradicated gules


247 Rauf de Jarconvile

Quarterly or and azure in the first a lion rampant gules


248 Thomas de Tichesie (Titsey)

Gules fretty vair


249 Jon de Aubernoun

Azure a chevron or


250 Rauf de Wiltone (Willington)

Gules a saltire vair


251 Ansel Basset

Ermine a chief indented gules


252 Adam (de) Gordun

Or a fleur de lis gules


253 Oliver de Tudham (Tuddenham)

Checky argent and gules a fess azure


254 Jon de Beauchamp

Gules billetty and a fess or


255 Robert de Tudham (Tuddenham)

Checky argent and gules a fess azure


256 --- (Nicholas de Morlaines?)

Or a bend gules


257 Cael de Huntingf(i)eld

Gules crusilly and a bend argent


258 Wa(l)ter de Beauchamp

Gules a fess between six martlets or


259 Willem de Prestone

Gules crusilly a bend or


260 Robert Eneby

Paly of six argent and gules a bend sable


261 Robert la Warde (de Ward)

Vairy argent and sable


262 Nicole le Leu

Gules two wolves passant argent


263 Henri de Herice

Or three hedgehogs sable


264 Water FizHonfrey (FitzHumphrey)

Quarterly argent and sable


265 Nicole de la Heuse (Hussey)

Argent three stockings gules


266 Richard de Welles

Gules three pallets or on a canton argent a mullet sable


267 Henri de Perk

Argent a stag’s head cabossed gules


268 Willem Mansel

Gules a fess argent a label or


269 Jon de Stavertone

Argent fretty gules


270 Herbert de Seint Quintin

Or three chevrons gules a chief vair


271 Fouke le FizWaryn (Fulk FitzWarin)

Quarterly per fess indented or and gules


272 Renaud de Breouse

Barry of six vairy ermine and gules and azure


273 Tebaud de Moletone (Theobald de Multon)

Argent three bars gules


274 Water de Donstanvile

Argent fretty gules on a canton of the second a lion passant gardant or


275 Otes de Grançon (Grandison)

Argent three pallets azure on a bend gules three escallops or


276 Willem d’Odingseles

Argent a fess and in chief two mullets gules


277 Lorenz de Seint Mor (Lawrence de Seymour)

Argent two chevrons gules a label azure


278 Robert de Witefeld

Sable crusilly a bend indented or


279 Henri de Cokyntone (Cockington)

Gules nine cocks 3,3,2,1 argent


280 Baudewin Boliers (Baldwin de Boulers)

Sable billetty a bend argent


281 Rauf de Limesye

Gules three eagles displayed or


282 Yngeram de Brus (Bruce)

Azure a saltire and a chief or


283 Willem de Neireford (Narford)

Gules a lion rampant ermine


284 Willem de Lambo(u)rne

Argent two chevrons sable


285 Rauf de Wodeburch (Woodborough)

Barry of twelve argent and azure three lions rampant gules crowned or


286 Willem de Lamburne (William de Boyvill)

Argent three saltires couped gules


287 James de Birun (Byron)

Argent three bendlets gules a label azure


288 Rauf de Kirketone

Argent six eagles displayed sable


289 Hameris Beices (Aimeri Bechet)

Or a lion rampant gules crowned azure a bordure sable bezanty


290 --- (Raoul de Tancarville)

Gules an escutcheon argent and an orle of cinquefoils or


     The name is garbled in the MS - BT.

291 Jon Males (Jean Malet, Sire de Graville)

Gules three buckles or


292 Giles de Rocheford

Barry of ten argent and azure a chief indented gules


293 Tebaud de Mareli (Thibaut de Marly, Seigneur de Mondreville)

Or a cross gules fretty argent cantonned by four eagles displayed azure


294 Ansel de l’Ille (L’Isle-Adam)

Argent a fess between six mullets gules


295 Stefne de Muntjoye (Etienne I de Mont Saint Jean)

Gules three escutcheons or


296 Willeame (V) Cre(s)pin (Seigneur du Bec Crespin)

Lozengy gules and argent


297 Guy de la Roce (la Roche Guyon)

Or five bendlets azure overall on a bordure gules twelve fleurs de lis argent


298 Willem de Hornes

Or three bugle horns gules


299 Giffrei de Meremond

Or two bars sable in chief a mullet gules


300 Baudewyn de Flandres

Or a lion rampant sable a bordure indented gules


301 Walram de Lucemborch (Luxembourg)

Azure six bars argent on a chief or a lion passant gules


302 Otes de Trasenie (Trazegnies)

Or three bendlets azure a bordure indented gules


303 Rauf de Nesle

Gules two barbels addorsed or


304 Water de Tupigni

Azure an escutcheon and or orle of escallops argent


305 Maheu de Trie

Or a bend azure


306 Symon de Moloun (Simon de Melun, Marechal de France)

Azure six bezants on a chief or a lion rampant issuant gules


307 --- (Leon d’Aa)

Gules a bend argent


308 (Guillaume II) Sire de Fienes

Argent a lion rampant sable


309 Giles de Maili

Or three mallets gules


310 Chastelein d’Aras

Gules a chief ermine


311 Willem de Rode

Azure a lion rampant or


312 Conestable de Flandres (M. Maline de Materne)

Or an escutcheon gules


313 Roger de Rome (Rumes)

Argent a fess sable in dexter chief a lion passant gules


314 Jon d’Escoreney (Jean de Gavre, Sire d’Escornaix)

Or a chevron gules


315 Sire de Audenard

Or three bars gules overall a bend azure


316 Sire de Bazipes (Gaucher de Bazoches)

Gules three pallets vair on a chief or a fleur de lis issuant sable


317 Sire de Susat (Ghent)

Sable on a chief argent a fleur de lis issuant gules


318 Robert de la Bruere

Checky argent and gules on a chief or lion rampant issuant sable


319 Sire de Waderibount (Gilles de Wattripont)

Or two lions rampant addorsed gules


320 Sire de Ardene

Argent a bend gules overall a lion rampant azure


321 Sire de Corane (Cosane?)

Or an escutcheon sable a label gules


322 Jon de Betune (John de Bethune)

Azure on a chief argent a lion passant gules

323 Sire de Renti (Renty)

Gules three axes or

324 Sire de Boterisem

Or three lozenges sable a chief gules three pallets argent

Heraldry Colours
Sable = black, gules = red, azure = blue, vert = green, purpure = purple,
tenne = orange, sanguine = blood red, argent = silver and or = gold.