Peg Jump Puzzle files

To keep this game on your computer create a folder called 'Pegpuzzle' and save these files into it by
right-clicking on each filename and using [Save Target As...] in IE or [Save Link As...] in Firefox.
[WEB PAGE]  pegpuzzle.htm  
[JAVASCRIPT]  message.js  
[IMAGE]  alert.gif  
[IMAGE]  answ0.gif  
[IMAGE]  answ1.gif  
[IMAGE]  board.gif  
[IMAGE]  buttona.gif  
[IMAGE]  buttonb.gif  
[IMAGE]  buttonc.gif  
  [IMAGE]  empty-jjumppeg.gif
  [IMAGE]  full-jjumppeg.gif
  [IMAGE]  hi-jjumppeg.gif
  [IMAGE]  img-00.gif
  [IMAGE]  spacer1.gif
  [IMAGE]  spacer2.gif
  [IMAGE]  spacer3.gif
  [IMAGE]  spacer4.gif
  [IMAGE]  tn-btmbl.jpg

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