How to Play
The aim is to spin all the tumblers horizontal so that the key can slide out. Click on the tumbler you want to turn and it will slide to the turn position (if it can) and turn (if it can).

Solve solves the puzzle continuously performing moves. Press the button again to stop the animation.
Random setup does what it says.   Reset returns the puzzle to the fully locked position.
Edit allows you to set up any position by clicking the tumblers until they have the desired orientation. Click on ‘edit’ button again to resume normal play.

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The right-hand tumbler can always turn one way.  Looking along the line to the left, it's the first upright tumbler that stops the slide to the right. The tumbler to the left of the upright one will line up at the turn area and will always be able to turn.

  • Click on the the far right tumbler so it is turns sideways.
  • Click on the tumbler to the left of the first upright tumber from the right hand end.
  • Click on the the far right tumbler so it turns to face the opposite way from its current position.
  • Repeat last two steps, clicking left and right tumblers, sliding forward and backward until the puzzle is solved.

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